1. o0n3m00o

    SELL Cheap OTOHITS Points for $1

    Cheap Otohit Traffic Exchange to Surf Your Website Naturally I am selling 2.3 million otohits points. Otohits is traffic exchange (TE) similar to Hitleap. You can get free visits to your site using their system. You can use this points to send huge traffic to your blog or websites and best of...
  2. S

    SELL Otohits Accounts with 100.000 Points

    I'm selling brand new Otohits accounts with 100k points each one Single account price: $10 Price for 5+ accounts: $5 Payment: PayPal & Revolut Delivery time: Depending on the demand, it can vary between 24 hours and 3 days.
  3. freelancers

    Looking For Someone to Create Script to Run Multiple Sessions On Otohits

    Hey i have seen users running Multiple sessions on otohits but most of them use Docker . They create script to use proxy with each separate proxy for different sessions. So if you can do it let us discuss i can Pay. But Only Who can Do it let me know. i have created a script but its not working
  4. HMR

    SELL Hitleap + Otohits combo

    I am selling Hitleap account and Otohits Points both to a single person at a single price. Amount of resources: (Regular)Hitleap Account: 640,303 Hits remaining Otohits: 21 431 605 Points Price: $75 Method of Payment: PayPal(+$2), Bitcoins, ETH,Google Pay
  5. alexhardyuk

    SELL Otohist 360 682 165 points

    I have Otohist 360 682 165 points and i sell them. Price: 0.65 euro pe 1000.000 points Payment: paypal gift If you buy large quantity i make a discount.
  6. K

    SELL Otohits account with 8 million points

    I'm selling my account with 8 million points offers please
  7. Xenom

    SELL Hitleap Accounts | OTOhits Points

    Had them for a while and have no use for them. Hitleap Accounts: XXXX-------SOLD OUT-------XXXX ($h!t is Never Coming in Stock) OTOHits Points: ~$1 per Million Points Stock: 25 Million (25,000,000) Payment Method: AGC (80%), BTC, XRP, ETH How to Receive OTOHits Points? Create an account...
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    SELL Otohits Points

    Selling Otohits Points Stock: 12,510,213 Points Price Per Million: $0.50 Minimum Purchase Amount: 1 Million Points Payment Options: PayPal Payza Bitcoin Contact Me: Skype: [email protected] Private Message How do I receive my points? Create an account using my referral link...
  9. JoshPosh

    Otohits Problems

    Is anyone else having issues with the otohits app? Mine can't connect and when I use the regular autosurf, it disconnects usually in a hour or less.
  10. vivianmer

    SELL Otohits Points

    i'm sell Otohits Points. price $1 / 1M payment Methods Bitcoin. --- Post updated ---
  11. pablito23

    SELL VPS only $2.50 for Month (hitleap-otohits-websyndic)

    Yes 1 Vps 1GB Ram only 2.50 USD. Accept Paypal or Bitcoin Is very cheap (very fast VPS) Is ready for use with RDP WINDOWS I give you the vps with the applications hitleap and otohits installed and sh run websyndic. So you can start immediately. I have 500 vps to RENT Specifications VPS...
  12. AceKnight

    looking to buy VPS.

    Hello Everyone, i wanna try the "VPS earning methods" so i wanna buy VPS i have never bought or had a VPS before and i am fairly new to the concept so i have some questions. Where can i buy Cheap Good VPS (Max 5$) with bitcoin? Should i get windows or linux? how much can i earn running...
  13. Faded

    BUY [BUYING] YTMonster Account with 450,000+ credits

    Hi! I need a YTMonster Account with 450,000+ credits. Rate will be as according to the competition, priced at $2/100,000 credits. And no, I am not lowballing, feel free to search around TBN, and you will see that's a normal rate. You might ask, why I am not just buying from the people selling...
  14. animalu

    Otohits traffic breakdown

    Total hits sent 3689 out of which: Amazon AWS visits droped: 2038 Microsoft Azure visits droped: 68 Google Cloud visits droped: 3 Tier1 country visits droped: 0 Tier2 country visits droped: 0 Tier3 country visits droped: 68 Passed filter: 1512
  15. sheryshafi

    Help about selling TE min or make profit

    Hello every one, i need help, as few days ago i purchase VPs and run Hitleap, otohits, websyndic and one more soft software on my vps's now, can i sell these mins here on this site if yes then what i have to do, if not then tell me any idea through i can consume these mins and get some bucks...
  16. Yidir

    USER GIVEAWAY Otohits.net points Giveaway

    I'm having approx. 3M otohits points and decided to give them away. They're actually officially worth €4 i'll be giving ~500k points per winner means you're winning €1 :lol: , there will be 4 winners! How to participate : Reply with a text explaining why you actually did not choose to scam...
  17. IvanLudvig

    Golo Golo ptp

    Hello. I hope everything's fine. If yes, then you can try this fabulous ptp : Golo golo ptp. It's cpm is €0.17. That's pretty good, isn't it? If you register with my ref link, you'll get €1 and 300 points. Minimum payout is €5, pays via PayPal. Join now. Good luck. Have a nice day! Ref...
  18. nickalls

    SELL Kilohits, otohits points and hitleap minute

    Kilohits points - 0.10/100k 0 points in stock / 2 slots Otohits points - 0.30/1mil 11.000.000 in stock ( you need to register as my refferal) Hitleap minutes - 0.50/10k 87.5k minute in stock Accepted payments : Paypal as a gift (+10 %) and Bitcoin! For trusted members payments after delivery...
  19. f4bio

    Where should I send my otohits too?

    I have like 300k otohits, and make around 3k per day, but I have no where to send them. Any ideas, proof would be nice. The PTP's I've used are barely making me cents. Thanks.
  20. Muhammad

    BUY Otohits points

    Looking to buy some otohits points, comment here or PM with your price.