1. DesignerNo1

    My web + Adsense + Ouo.io Earnings

    Hello guys, I have in my web 1200+ views daily. Every view is legit, no bots or TE are used. Im making 1€ daily with adsense, 12$ with ouo.io every month. Do you think that are good earnings?
  2. DumitruGabrie

    Ouo - Best Payout Rates | CPM

    I am not gonna make this post too long, i will be short. Ouo it's a CPM website, you need to promote links like "ad.fly" and others. But the payout rates, it's seems that are the best in my opionion. And you should try to. Payment proof on google, easy pizy. Refferal link - Save a life...
  3. Duc_Thinh

    Alternative to Adf.ly: ouo.io + Latest Payment Proof 1/2016 - Highest rates for non-US

    Hello folks, Today I'm going to show you the most effective alternative to adf.ly, the site that we "loved" (I'm sure you'll fall in love with ouo.io after working with it). Feel free to choose the way you like to register :D: Refferal Link: http://ouo.io/ref/2oLLYWv3 Non-ref: http://ouo.io/...
  4. LearnToBot

    Ouo.io Payment Proof

    Hey everyone, Today i got my first payment from Ouo.io that i want to share with you. If you dont already use Ouo.io than check out my Post about why you should start using it here: thebot.net === Register For Free === Ouo.io's Register Page (Click here) non referral link
  5. LearnToBot

    5 reasons why you should start using ouo.io instead of Adf.ly

    We all know and love to use adf.ly and similar sites because it gives us a simple and easy way to make money out of our hard work by shrinking our links so we can make money out of our urls we share with the internet. But we all know that adfly and co. isn't paying that well and even keeps the...
  6. fully99

    Ouo.io Shorturl Payment 54,99$

    Just Got paid by ouo.io shortener Traffic: No Trafficexchange. I used twitter tweets and facebook groups posting. Dont ask for method. Just showoff. Reflink: Signup nonRef: Signup