1. Warfare

    PTCShare - Hybrid PTC/Revenue Share

    PTCShare is a hybrid between PTC and Revenue Share. It has the same owners as PaidVerts / MyTrafficValue (online since 2014 and 2011, respectively). Official launch took place on June 14th, 2019. Paid to Click (PTC) In order to receive ads, you need BAP (bonus ad points). 1 BAP is the...
  2. TestaDiRapa

    Any paying sites like PaidVerts?

    As I've written in the title, can you suggest me some non-scam sites like PaidVerts? I wanna write a bot in Python for a site like this, but PaidVerts seems fishy so... any advice?
  3. E

    Get Paid to Read Ads from Best PTC Sites

    Get paid to click ads is one of the best option on internet to earn money. Although many people don’t recommend this method for making money because of low income potential but if you do it correctly, you can earn at least $200-$300 per month by working just 10-15 minutes daily. I. ClixSense...
  4. Bloons97

    BOT MultiTool - Bots for Paidverts, BTCClicks, Buxvertise and Digadz

    This project has been retired