1. sheryshafi

    Start business with 1000$

    I want to start Business with 1000$ i have had more but I lost with shopify store last months . Please suggest your idea to do with 1000$ of investment . Any partnership ?
  2. MicheleXVII

    Can i leave adsense and join another network?

    Hi TBN, I'd like to leave adsense and join fullscreen. Can I do it? If yes, how?
  3. MicheleXVII

    Can I leave adsense?

    Hi TBN, I have two channel with Adsense partnership but they are banned untill the end of november. On Dicember, could I leave adsense and join fullscreen? Or I have to create a new channel?
  4. K

    So BBTV isn't available in my country, what do i do now?

    Hello, Thank you for your e-mail. YouTube blocked the invitation that we attempted to send you. Unfortunately, we cannot send you an invitation to join our network because the YouTube Partnership Program (YPP) is not yet available in your country. When the YPP is available in your country...
  5. MicheleXVII

    Fullscreen or BBTV?

    Fullscreen or BBTV? Which is better? Motivates your answer :)
  6. MicheleXVII

    Can I apply Fullscreen Partnership?

    Hi TBN, Will I be accepted from fullscreen with this channel? Subscribers: 1.457 Views: 17.111 Analytics: The channel was created Apr 26, 2015 but I start uploading videos only on May 6, 2016. I use both legit traffic and TE. (Comments&Likes&Subscribers all legit)
  7. Stipaxa

    [Partnership] The idea of the online business

    I have a good idea of online business (with a colorful site, and integration with mobile applications). Niche Site - fashion and beauty. For his organization I need help. Need help or in the development of the site, or to collect money for its implementation via crowdfunding. Itself from the...
  8. azenec

    which yt partners support payment for?

    hi. PayPal does not support my country. which yt partners support payment for Bitcoin, Skrill, Webmoney, Payza, Neteller, Yandex money, Bankwire, Westerin union or others?
  9. 1337_Pirate

    Partnership Mess

    The thing is I got invited from scale_lab_affiliate and I accepted it. I applied for both Aquos and Mesgamers. But, I'm not sure whether its from Aquos or Mesgamers!! How can I know that? I can access the dashboard of Mesgamers but I can also see that mail from Aquos that I've partnered with...
  10. A


    SELL ACCOUNT bbtv .. see last post.. ------ SEE MY FEEDBACK and see my account SOLD! SPOILER!
  11. Smith 101

    Partnership Network with the lowest requirement ?

    Can someone please tell me a good network with low subscribers and views requirement