1. Alakazam

    BUY Looking For Digital copy (PDF) of 'The Emerald Tablets for 2012 and Beyond' $5 Paypal

    I have been searching for this book and unfortunately it's not available to buy in the UK, so I'm looking for someone to find me a digital version. I will pay you $5 Via PayPal. This is the book: https://www.amazon.com/Emerald-Tablets-2012-Beyond/dp/193591409X Please don't confuse it with the...
  2. lV3NOMl

    Ebook Treasure

    Hi guys :) Wanted to share this ebook treasure with you :smile: This contains programming, hacking, AI dev, Web Dev, Algorithm, Network etc Well Here is the link @Harwinder if you need ebooks for Algorithms then check it,this contains many of em :)
  3. saisannihith

    Can someone send me this ebook or pdf?

    My sister asked me to search for this book online but i didn't find it anywhere. If anyone finds it please send me. Thanks! In amazon it costs about 9$ but when we can get anything online freely why buy it? Book Name: THE PERFECT GIRL Author : GILLY MACMILLAN Thank you once again :) :feel:
  4. movieusers

    Buying ebook 15 dollars

    Hey I'm needing an ebook. It's called human development life span view by Kail. I need the 7th edition