1. sunnymaker

    need free php email bomber

    i have a over 2000 email interested in tech, i want to bomb them with emails daily, i need a free php email marketing script to use, i will link it with [email protected] how to do that? because gmail have a limit on how much can i send, and also hotmail, and properly all others
  2. Blaze

    Are websites able to detect VM's (VPS)?

    Hi, Are websites able to detect if the visitor uses a Virtual Machine aka a VPS? Need the info for a project.
  3. impshum

    [Tutorial] How to be an absolute PHP twonk

    Something You Should Never Do... Ever! Someone online was asking for a "delete script" which removes all the files for a website if the client doesn't pay. Clearly this is a terrible idea and a very stupid thing to do. Oh well...
  4. Ussagui

    [DEV] Help! C# + DB + PHP

    Hey guys I want to create a c# app (form) connected to a DB (ubuntu VPS) and host a PHP server (on same VPS) What i can archive: I can connect my App to a remote SQLServer (haven't tried on Ubuntu yet) I have some PHP skills Objective: C# App will do query to the DB (CRUD) but i want to have a...
  5. lawjestaw

    BUY Automation of account creation

    Hello I am looking for someone to write a script or a bot ( sorry if I am using the wrong terminology) that includes account creation as well as implementing 2captcha or anti-captcha API, I will send the rest of the details on private messages. Payment method : Bitcoin,Paypal,Skrill
  6. Blaze

    Safe using MySQL with VB.NET?

    Hello. Is it safe if I connected to a MySQL database within VB.NET? Let's say I made a software, where people are able to INSERT already decided with custom variables to a table within VB.NET. The connection information is written within the .vb file. ex. localhost, l33tadministrator...
  7. timelancer

    [FREE COURSE UDEMY] Building E-Commerce Shopping Cart Website in PHP & MySQL

    Building E-Commerce Shopping Cart Website in PHP & MySQL Creating E-commerce Shopping Cart Website from scratch in PHP & MySQL What YOU Will Learn? You will be able to build web applications in PHP You will be able to create E-commerce Shopping website CLICK HERE Note: This course is free...
  8. pointer123

    Website Development.

    Hi, I am freelancer web deveoper (PHP/HTML/Wordpress/Magento/Joomla) with integration of shopify, woocommerce etc. Few samples are given below: and so on. If anyone interested, please share your...
  9. Turkuaz

    PHP 4 webhosting need !

    I have a script but it does not support php5 or over. PHP 4.0.6 ++ (not suitable with PHP 5.X.X) Do you now php v4 webhosting ?
  10. D

    php-web scraping

    I want to scrape a website using php. The information on the website is displayed using table. I wrote php code to extract information from the <td> element based on examples i found online. But, on each <tr> the last <td> has a link <a href="#"></a> within it which I would have to click to...
  11. McOneCry

    Create your own Social Network

    Hello Everyone! Last year I made Social Network called: Sharelink... and I want to give you the source code in the lowest price I ever made... You can create your own Social Network in few minutes, everything is well...
  12. subnet

    I need good webmailer or php mailer

    i want to send 1k per day email and need good webmailer php
  13. T

    hello realbots

    Hello realbots, Came here to share and learn new skills with you,helping eachother make community stronger. ---- *PHP *Traffic Expert *Porn Industry ----
  14. lV3NOMl

    Link to HTML Link Script?

    Does Anyone know any method in php or Javascript that can select the URL of a 1st text box Like: & when i click submit then it should automatically convert it to HTML form in the 2nd textbox like in this format: <a href=>You text</a> I got no knowledge in...
  15. hiperium

    Ideas for a Project......

    Hello all !!! I'm studying right now Programming in Spain. We study right now , Android , C++ , Java and PHP. And in order to give us the Diploma for Programmer we need to make a project for the end of the course. It has to be innovative and something interesting. Can you give me some ideas...
  16. ZX3

    Get google drive file metadata by id ?

    can someone show me how to get metadata by file id? i keep getting this error : Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on null what's wrong with this code? am I using the function correctly? or maybe i didn't require the right autoload. (not using composer)... require_once...
  17. X

    60 Days Free Trials ASPNET Hosting

    Professional ASP NET hosting with unlimited space and bandwidth and email. Instant Activations & Free Temporary URL No Credit Card Required! US & Europe Datacenter This is the website: smarterasp(dot)net If you resgister using my referal code (xfacor) I will recibe US$5 (It will be mine if...
  18. ZX3

    ? Grabbing remote mp4 with php curl to output video?

    Anyone know how to do this? I have a remote mp4 url that downloads if u visit directly, can I curl this video and play it directly from my own domain? I know it's possible, just stuck on the curl script to output the video correctly. source: any help would be greatly...
  19. soorajy

    need help in programming

    we have search something then we go to google and search , Is that we can do make php file and type any word like singapore then it will automatically search by google . if i have lot of address in excel how to can we make that all address automatically search 1 by 1 in search engine.
  20. T

    Free hosting sustained forever !!!

    Free Cpanel Hosting with PHP5 / Mysql - no advertising! Register now: https: // We offer: - 1500 MB of disk space - 100 GB Bandwidth - Your own domain hosting - Cpanel control panel - Website Builder - More than 500 Web templates - sites are ready for download - Free POP3 Email Box...