1. S

    Hey! (I need abit of help)

    Hey all! this isn't really an introduction but more of a help type of thread. I signed up to this sign many of year(s) ago towards the start (I think, not 100% sure on that one). But because I was an active forum user of LF, HF and XMB plus a few others, I always went by the allies name of...
  2. i7X

    What to do with this VPS ?

    So, Since I have this VPS running 24/7 without any load, I would like to put it to some use. More info about the VPS HERE Anything I can do which is profitable ? I mean, any bot which I can run ? The only problem is it's linux..I use a very small UI called jwm because it's ram friendly. Any...
  3. TroubleJS

    ??? Sites like eBay ???

    I need to know sites like ebay,i need to sell some items ,but they suspended me every time(Why?i have 2 accounts with 2 diferent names-family=i cant have access to ebay for future) ;( Thank you for attention ;)
  4. D

    Can you please auth me

    just need a auth aperently to use this program and im requiered to type 12 words so
  5. P0gunicorn

    [Let's Discuss] << Future expectations >>

    Guys so i got an idea... Let's talk about your view on future and what you think, how people will be living their lives in 2050 -> or more :) or talk about your personal live where you think you will be etc.. Hope TBN will be still UP, we will see ...
  6. Achraf1

    Please :p

    i wan't some other forum or blog (has threads like threads in General Tuto)
  7. tngg

    Suggest a Sandbox game ! i got really bored by Minecraft and thought i should find a new game...anyway i want a game where i can create anything i want....please don't suggest games like minecraft becasue i have triend them all ! Thanks !