1. COLOR

    Got Payment from PlugRush

    Got fresh payment today from PlugRush (12 FEB 2017)
  2. Naem

    My Plugrush Payment

    More than 20th payment from this network, Plugrush always pay on time. Please do not send fake/bot traffic, they would ban your account. Proof: REF No-ref: Method? Traffic: Real Ad Type: Direct link ( Website > Manage Adzones > Advance Mode > See "Popunders"...
  3. vandz

    Payment Proof With Tube +18 Content

    i just want share where website still paying you if want the method, i'm sory it's private 1. Plugrush 2. PornEarn 3. TrafficBroker 4. Adscension Happy Earning, Sory My English So Bad
  4. Jwlamb83

    PlugRush Payment

    So here's the first real money(meaning not some .01 - .99 bs) I've made since joining TBN. Methods are out there, just gotta test, try and improve on what you find.
  5. shaheertiger

    How to verify site at plugrush

    I have got a wordpress site aut nd i want to verify my site on plugrush but i cant figure it out how to do it if someone could guide me through video or screenshots