1. deezywonder

    First Payment PopAds

    Hey, today i got received my first payment of PopAds. I just use for a couple of days, and i get very good results.. (I have a mini blog) So yeah, im enjoying very much this network!!! Just real traffic! (Put in correct area plz)
  2. slovenian

    Popads Payment

    14 days with popads and first payment Like 100-200 a day legit views from my hentai site, I need more traffic bois :c Another CPM to add? I tried yllix but not work so well for me
  3. T

    Legit Popunder ads network

    In my view legit & best paying Popunder ads network is 1) Popads - Daily payout minimum 5$ 2) Popcash - Daily payout minimum 10$

    SELL popads and Edomz account for sell

    I have 2 account, pop ads have 3.70 in it and edomz.com have 4.30 in it, but now i have no time to update site , so no visitors on site and i want to sell both for only 3$,
  5. killerclaws

    $5.22 from Adult Tumblrs with popunders

    Hello guys. Just here to show my last payment, received today from PopAds.net Non-ref
  6. M

    My Earning from PopAds

    My Earning from PopAds My Ref PopAds : https://www.popads.net/users/refer/603008 :thumbs: No- Ref : https://www.popads.net
  7. chamara20

    My popads earning.

    My current popads earning. Register now Nonref and earn 200$+ a month using popads.
  8. E

    Who do adult sites not pop their own ads?

    I have seen so many adult sites poping ads from crappy sites that pay like 0.0001 per click. This is NOT the way to make money. REV SHARE all the way. Join a good program that pays you when people join and you will kill it. :weallfeel: Free plug :jew: voyeurboss.com
  9. J

    POPADS - POPCASH - How To Get Accepted As Publisher

    What is needed to be accepted in popads and popcash as publisher? Do they accept Blogger, free domains, or it has to be .com .net .org ?