1. A

    Need Your Help

    hi am an old botnet member i was going well making some small bucks in the past a little of that a little of that i got a job and i kind that swipt away from making some cash i was wondering if someone could give me some help to get back on track actualy i think am good lerner and if someone...
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    Hello , today iam sharing with you a great files hosting website with rewards feature that allow you to earn up to 9$ per 1000 downloads for your files with unlimited storage for your files Website link : https://shared-files.com web site features : - Users can Drag & Drop their uploads...
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    WELCOME TO Best PPD website!!! [NOOB FRIENDLY] Easy money! SEMI "AUTOPILOT" [IF YOUR LINK GETS POPULAR IT WILL MAKE MONEY DOING ANYTHING] Hello guys i share to you this pay per download site where you upload files and earn money!!! Comment and rate post, thanks!!! MY PAYMENT PROOF INSIDE...
  4. M

    hello guys ,i am pro and make you earn money

    i hate spammers i never be like them i am ppd(pay per download guru) i follow new and best ppd hosts but the most important thing is ,they pay or not i have great 2 ppd hosts i will share it with you guys depends on your behave i have a group at wj forum ,and i am pretty trustful if you are...
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    Earnings: $260+ This month (7 Dec 2016) already with CPA + IG

    Been hitting $60+ the last few days. Hoping to hit $100 per day sometime soon. Earnings today (7 Dec) on cpalead: >>>>The method i'm using<<<< You can ask me anything about the method on the thread. I'm more than happy to help. Planning on moving all my focus and energy towards this new cpa...
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    Hello everyone Today I will present you very cool site to earn money from, it is a PPD (no survey, or task to do) you can earn some bucks uploading files you like to share. It is file-upload.com ************************************* Most of payments don't take more than 24-48 hours only...
  7. P0gunicorn

    SELL PPD Site

    SOLD, please close that @Harwinder
  8. kris007

    Brand New (PPD - Program) PPDHero.com Register Now !!!

    PPDHero is a brand new pay per download program home page and facebook page http://www.ppdhero.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ppdhero/ registration page http://www.ppdhero.com/register.php we have over 1000+ offers offers only the highest paying offers offers only the best support and fastest...
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    Make Money with PPD / PPC

    Hello, I want to promote a site from a friend from me. He have site where you can make money with PPD & PPC. *reflink* reg here if you want to help me :)! *nonref* Rates: Size Tier A|Tier B|Tier C|Tier D 1000MB+ $27|$15|$8|$2.5 1MB - 1000MB $4|$3|$2|$0.5 (every 1000 downloads!) Information...
  10. namsea

    Need some music forums to earn $ with PPD?

    I have some official albums on itunes and I want to earn more $ by them, so anyone can share some music forums where I can share my link? P/s: I earn money via PPD! Thanks in advance!
  11. P0gunicorn

    ShareCash Earnings [76$]

    Today i got my first payment from sharecash :top: ( PPD isn´t dead guys :thumbs:) -By the way if you want to start making money on sharecash and want to support me, register via this link : http://shareca.sh/r/l773O it will help me a lot -Also feel free to pm me i will gladly respond you ;)...
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    I'll make you good looking FAKE bots which will help you in CPA,PPD etc at cheap prices. I can make any type of fake generators / bots. Prices : $1 - $5 Example TOS You'll get your bot within few hours, Depends on how busy I am. Payment via PayPal & BTC only. So, if you need a bot coded send...
  14. K

    which is considered the best PPD/CPA at the moment?

    I am launching a new website for downloads, and i would like to know which is the best PPD/CPA right now. please share. thank you
  15. K


  16. NINJA

    CPA/PPD earning methods share group

    Helo guys, Can i start a skype group for CPA/PPD. If you guys interested in this then i'm create a group & share ideas for earning money from CPA/PPD. Thank you guys. Regards interested people join this group Join this group guys https://join.skype.com/JxOXIb0slZFc
  17. kris007

    UPITFiles Pay Per-Download Program

    hello i'am the owner and administrator of a pay per download program aka (a PPD site) to visit our websites home page go to https://www.upitfiles.com/ ---------------------------- to register at our website please go to https://www.upitfiles.com/register.php...
  18. NeRoX

    [PPD] $14/1000 Downloads [Daily Payouts!]

    Hello, Now you can earn from your files good money with Nizfile.net Features : - Fast upload ,download speed. - 500GB diskspace. - Inactive files are deleted after 45 days for regular members and 60 for premium members. You can upload by: - Web upload - Remote upload - Flash upload - Z-o-o-m...
  19. 3sqbills

    [PPD] - Guide How to earn with YouTube (PASSIVE)

    Pay Per Download - FULL PASSIVE I see so much guys on TBN which are very nice, but newbies will mostly fail at them, so I thought, why not make a guide with the method which I used to earn my first 20$ in 1 Week! So the newbies get motivated ASAP First off a few words. This method is FULL...
  20. CoderChris

    PPD - Dead or Alive?

    Anyone still use PPD sites like cleanfiles? I have a good idea for a long-term project but I'm trying to see if it's worth starting or not. I'm also interested in web generators, but not sure how well it converts. I'd go for PPI networks, but I'm not too fond of installing malware onto people's...