1. Tanje

    17k$ worth of BTC sold in 3 months.

    S/O to tbn and all my clientele for making this possible. I did 17k$ worth of btc sales in these 3 months, few years ago I did 10k$ in one whole year LOL. I have only been selling on tbn. BUY BTC NOW:
  2. Blaze

    SELL Blaze Bitcoin Shop - 10% - Verified PayPal

    Welcome to my small Bitcoin shop! I will be selling Bitcoin at a 10% preev rate, and constantly update my Bitcoin stock. I will only sell Bitcoins to verified PayPal using "Send to Friends and Family"- option. I never go first. But if you're unsure of using my service, feel free to find a...
  3. Frank67

    BUY Paypal Gift for BTC (Preev+[7-10%])

    Ok, I have some base rules now. The rates depending on your rating: <50 = I'm not trading with you 51-100 = Preev + 7% 101-200 = Preev + 8% 201-300 = Preev + 9% >300 = Preev + 10% This applies to seller ratings only not a single negative rep Proof That I'm Trustable: From March 29th 2016 -...
  4. TheWind100

    SELL 0.0775 btc for preev +10%

    As the title says I'm selling 0.0775 btc for preev +10%. add me on skype: thewind100 Only taking paypal gifts! You go first!
  5. rajkumar31

    SELL Selling AGC for BTC

    I have a 5$ AGC to be sold at 82% rate. Only for BTC. No Paypal. Hit me up if you need. I'll go first if you're senior and above and have good trading reputation.
  6. vxpxtxcx

    SELL Selling Bitcoins to Indian +5% Preev

    Payment method: NEFT/IMPS only Current stock: $100
  7. FaTe

    SELL BTC | Preev +13% Paypal as a Gift ☻ FaTe STORE

    Hello :happy: I wanna sell BTC Preev+13% Paypal as a Gift :gold: Stock: 0 BTC If you r serious, PM me your skype :okay: Don't ask me to PM you :gtfo: I only sell to trusted member with PP verified. $567 worth already sold VOUCHES :
  8. Kiki

    Selling Bitcoin For PayPal Gift~

    Hello! I am selling up to 1 Bitcoin per transaction. I can sell any amount of Bitcoin for Preev rate +10%. Please PM me to get in touch with me or respond to this post. :)
  9. awalu

    SELL BTC to PP+15%Preev

    Wanna sell bitcoin To paypal verified only as gift Contact me
  10. Altair

    SELL BTC - Get it fast

    Im selling BTC +13% Payment Methods: Paypal as gift. & Skrill Stock: 0.07 BTC. For now Trusted members first. If you need higher amount of BTC please contact me, I can supply. Skype: omerfarukcaki (for quick transaction) NOTE: Buyers must go first of course, don't be funny...
  11. vmarc

    SELL Selling btc at 14%

    yo I have 0.1238 btc i need to sell selling at 14%, so $34. Only accepting payment by paypal gift.
  12. A

    BUY BTC for pp +20%

    Right now I'm only buying $14 worth of btc for $16.1 in paypal (+15%) based on's prices. Since almost everyone's trade rep is higher than mine, I will be paying first as a pp payment in the 'friends/family' section of pp..If you would like you can use a middleman (please contact them...
  13. D

    SELL BTC for PayPal +10% Rate

    Selling BTC for PP gift +10% preev TRUSTED MEMBERS PREFERRED In stock: 0$ in BTC (updated 10.06) FEEDBACK: