1. Surfshark

    Surfshark VPN deal | Unlimited devices | 24/7 support

    Surfshark is an award-winning, secure VPN that encrypts your online data to help you stay private & protected every day, hassle-free. Visit HERE. Protect your online identity | Find the best prices online | Bypass censorship. Everywhere. >> Click Here to Order << Use coupon code SHARKFORUM...
  2. killzonefury - A better way to pay(5$ SIGN UP BONUS)

    TLDR FIRST its basically storing your credit/debit card info for convenient uses in the future so u dont have to take out the card out again and again to type 2.stop wasting money if you have entered ur info somewhere since u can add a limit to it which will restrict accidental automatic...
  3. woodkid

    How soon will TOR and VPN become illegal?

    Everything indicates that in the not-so-distant future governments of many countries (US will be first) will decide to increase the level of online surveillance to the level yet unknown and unimaginable to many, for example forcing you to ID yourself in order to access the Internet, whether by...
  4. verax5

    What does Google know about you?

    Sorry But Google OWNS you.. you have 0 Privacy. Click links.. I'm going to stick to the title, nothing more thing less. Yes google know whre you live, what you like, what you don't what supermarkets you visit and everything literally! Lets get started.. Visit this page. This is the type of...
  5. ditchdigger

    Remove All EXIF Data from images for uploads

    Linux and Mac users can use a tool called EXIFTool sudo apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl Then, to clean your photos, just cd to the their folder and run: exiftool -all= *.png It will make copies of all your photos for you, adding _original to the end of the original photos (with the...
  6. CoderChris

    How to Protect Yourself on the Internet Holy mother of god. What a great site.
  7. CoderChris

    TECH TALK Chrome is spying on you I keep warning people. :shrug: Switch to Firefox (or Iceweasel recommended), Maxthon, or Edge instead.
  8. Faded


    Hi, I am looking to buy a cheap Cyberghost or Perfect Privacy Keys/Accounts. Accepting other services too. Looking to buy 1 full year, or 6 months. Send me your offers!