1. Kicked

    Gokano Prize Ordered :D + Great News !

    I managed to order a tshirt. Though it was not what I wanted but its goooood ! :D And the great news is that there will be two restocks in January 2016 ! More info here :-
  2. shaggyreetha

    I am on front page of Gokano Facebook.check this guys.congratulate me

    I am happy ...i am on gokano website facebook frontpage...check below the proof guys Below is the detail thread on this ...check out guys-
  3. legendaryragh

    [Free Prizes - WORLDWIDE] Get views on uploads & redeem!

    I do not own this site but I know it's owner, he's a friend of mine. He started it almost a month back and will keep adding features and prizes on regular basis. is a new website where you collect points by uploading funny images, memes, or any funny pictures and sharing them with...
  4. THBP

    Gokano, signup ... earn point ... + (giveaway inside)

    Hello, and welcome all :) I am sure you know about Gokano, but today i am posting for people who don't know it Gokano is a new website where you collect points and use them to get gifts completely for free! How to collect points (GN): 1- Login daily and click the "Collect daily points". 2-...