1. sunnymaker

    problem with blue Ribbon [leatest TBN updates]

    blue Ribbon apear when go up in the forum @lamlam
  2. K

    [Personal issue/Long thread] How would you deal with this situation?

    firstly, i'm sorry if this is the wrong section, i'm just curious and maybe take some tips from you guys, due to the situation i'm in for a couple years now. I've been always a timid guy you know. and always wanted to stay at home playing games, and do what i like. In my childhood sometimes i...
  3. jacknet

    Got Blocked From Facebook Any Way to Solve That!!?

    Hello every one here, Today i get blocked from Facebook i don't know why!!, i didn't do anything wrong, idk what fck with them :angry: and now it's ask me about uploading id document........ but the prob here is i don't use my real name and address so if i send to them they will not accept...
  4. jacknet

    Need a help: Website Problem!

    Hello everyone here and merry Christmas, I have a website in blogger platform that ranked in 3 million in Alexa and i have change the domain name i have upgrade it from .tk to .xyz but after that i lost my rank from 3 million to 12 million! so can someone tell me how i can restore my rank if i...
  5. aragbayeccs

    Hi anyone, I cant see any resources :( :$

    Hi, Im new in this site. Hours ago I was upgrade my TBN account for 3 months, but when I'm trying see any posts, this message appears: "You do not have permission to view the full content of this resource." Anyone can help me?. :feel: What can i do to have full access to view any contents...
  6. honestmuggle

    Unable to deposit on entropay

    Hello Friends, All of sudden i am unable to deposit fund into my entropay through my indian debit card. The funding cards were working fine a week ago but when i attempted to deposit some money to my VCC yesterday i am getting following error. "Your Transaction Cannot Be Processed A problem...
  7. Aliasger00

    Dailymotion mass uploader.

    Hi, i am using dailymoiton`s program when i login and and add the videos. it sometimes it stops at 2% And sometimes It go to 100% and getting an error cloud not upload. Is there any other software i cloud you... ?
  8. panaeolus

    chromium ubuntu

    i have a problem i try lately install chromium and cant open it when open it appears in TOP list but in closes secs after any idea
  9. Rubjay

    iMacros 22hits help see the pic its not going to WAIT SCEONDS why?
  10. SulzYee

    Help me with PayPal, please...

    Hello guys, I've got an problem with PayPal... here it is, I have verified paypal acc connected to my mastercard, and i can buy with it whatever i want, but problem is how can i get paid on it... When I verified it I didnt get 1.99$ (right price?) back on my acc, also tried to get paid from few...
  11. jacknet

    Youtube Monetization !!!!

    Hello every one, please i have a question about youtube monetization settings and i want any one here tell me is my ads configuration is true or false because my cpm is very bad between 1$ to 2$ :( This my settings: So please give me your answers Thanks & sorry for this non important thread
  12. wtfaboutnoo

    Youtube Earning problems and why

    Hi everyone and welcome! As you already know, YouTube has problems with earnings update since 25th November until now. I have got some questions that you might have the answer to them. Why am I getting some small earnings from the videos I uploaded before 25th and not after? When will earnings...
  13. K

    Teslahits: restart browser every x interval

    Hey, So I'm kinda new in this traffic exchange thingy. I'd like to start and gather some points on my linux vps. I already have around 5000 points, but TeslaHits always loses the connection after few hours, and I get an "undefined" blank page with the viewer freezed. Is it possible to restart...
  14. Delite

    [] Keeping a session stable with HTTP requests?

    I'm sending a normal http request to a for example a traffic exchange, I've followed up all the headers and requests that is needed but when i send the last request it's like it closes the connection on the web page so it won't wait until it actually gains points.. This is same for all websites...