1. L

    Best affiliate program

    The best earnings on referrals: (ref) (noref)
  2. Turkuaz

    How can i do family finger and other kid animation

    Friends I watched on youtube family finger videos how to do?I saw this program on web,but how can i find it i dont know.If anyone knows please write.
  3. K

    Hey Guys!

    Heeeeeeey guys!! Kowalski here, ill post some very goood programs for you!
  4. P0gunicorn

    Video&Music Converter "Useful stuff"

    Download link is here : mediafire License key and as always have a nice day :top:
  5. tarung98

    3 Keys to success with Best Affiliate Programs

    Search Complimentary Sites – “Complementary” sites are those sites that sell products or services that compliment your offers. If you sell “gardening tools”, a site that sells books, “Gardening Tips” would be the best partner. Find content sites- There are several sites that do not sell any...
  6. R

    Can i get a member of this community?

    Hi guys! I'm a programmer and just want to offer some help with java/js/python/R ;) Thanks for comprehension.
  7. savenirity

    How much do you value your hour for android development ?

    I do freelancer on various project, lately i am doing android code and saw others competitors with various range of price /hours. As from my experience, i personally won't do if not for 20$ an hour (been for 5$ an hour , it's not deserved). Note: As like real world, we can buy a drink with...
  8. kris007

    UPITFiles Pay Per-Download Program

    hello i'am the owner and administrator of a pay per download program aka (a PPD site) to visit our websites home page go to ---------------------------- to register at our website please go to
  9. L

    TECH TALK Send a Notification to my Android by opening a file on PC

    Hey guys, i recently set up a server for traffic exchange and some other things in my cellar. Is it possible to get a Notification (Warning, Vibration etc) on my Android (LG Nexus 5, no root) if the servers core temperature is over x degrees? I downloaded the program "coretemp" which can...
  10. verax5

    How to mass follow users on Twitter!

    Well as we all know, social media's become one of the thing your site cannot live without. In this quick post I'll show you how to mass follow twitter users. Here's how it's done. 1. Open a well known user's profile and click on followers. Now you will see a big list of people that...