1. membrek

    Python Ssh help

    Hi, just want to know how to using random ssh bulk for scraping web ? i found program for random ssh with proxifier and bitvise but its only work in window machine. Thanks
  2. jambang

    Change IP with VPS as a Socks

    What's Socks? Here's fast introduction about that Equipments: 1. Putty 2. VPS 3. Proxifier 4. Browser Step-by-step instructions: Putty 1. Double-click Putty.exe to open. 2. Click "Session" from the left side of Putty. Here you will enter the details of the forwarding server you are...
  3. S

    how to run multiple proxifier

    if there is someone who can help me I tried repeatedly but could not open many proxifier Thank you very much