proxy scraper

  1. rastof

    Proxy Scraper

    Simple proxy scraper for various free sources. More sites will be added later. Websites being scrape include:
  2. CoderChris

    BOT hyprG - Proxy Scraping/Checking Bot

    Probably not going to bring hypr (site and bot) back up. :okay: Decided to crank this bot out to experiment with some new technology instead. :> hyprG Start the bot, go to localhost:13337 in your browser and put some proxies in there to check. This can also scrape proxies given a list of...
  3. dbs00

    SELL Amazing Proxy Scraper! Promo 5$ ! Get unlimited free public proxies

    Promo: First 10 buyers will get it at 5$ . After that I'll change the price to 10$. 30 days money back guarantee if your not pleased! 1 single purchase with lifetime updates included for 1 pc. Give me Trade Feedback here on TBN and I'll change your licence to work on 2 PC. (pm me for this) 4...
  4. ksmartguy

    BOT HyperPS Online

    What does this online bot do ? Scrapes proxies and display proxies which you can copy and use it .
  5. AnsemWise

    BOT Simple Proxy Scraper Bot

    Simple Proxy Scraper Bot[No Longer Working] Name says it all, just a simple proxy scrapper that sits in the background and grabs new proxies from Here based on what ever amount of time you want. It's written in python and uses less than 20MB of Ram. How do I get set up? Download and extract...
  6. CoderChris

    Introducing HyperPS™ - TBN's Automated Proxy Scraper/Checker

    You can now get instant proxies from here. :sir: Hello TBN members! I've created a simple bot for the forum that scrapes and checks proxies, HyperPS™ (short for HyperProxyScraper). It'll post about ~1k fresh proxies every 6 hours. Thanks @aniket93 for the hookup. :mynigga: Thread...
  7. CoderChris

    Free Fresh Proxies [AUTOMATED] [EVERY 6 HOURS]

    Please refrain from posting in this thread. If you have a question/feedback for this bot, post in this thread instead. Enjoy. Proxies are posted in this format: IP, Country Code, Speed (Slow/Medium/Fast) Slow - In between 5 and 8 seconds to connect. Medium - In between 2 and 5 seconds to...
  8. dino

    BOT {Python Script} Proxy Scraper Script (+5400 proxies)

    What is does This script grabs +5400 proxies from: - - - - - - - - and saves them to a txt file. How to Unzip...