ptc 2015

  1. E

    Make 20$ a month!

    Yes. Before we start, this is a PTC. It's called clixsense as many of you guys might be familiar with the name. I have joined it back around 4 years and they were not good at all. But now I have joined back now and I have made 5$ in 5 days! A dollar a day is not bad considering I did 1-2 offers...
  2. W

    Niobux earn up to 0,03/click fast payments

    Free Premium Membership Upgrade Free Sign-up Bonus $0.100 to Purchase Balance 6 Guaranteed Earning Ways and Bonuses.. Guaranteed Ads daily Earn up to $0.0300 Per Click Earn up to $0.0150 per referral click Active Real Human Referrals Minimum Cashout as low as $1-$2-$3 Fast withdrawal Payments...
  3. kookii

    EDENTRAFFIC / A Mix 2 RevShare deemed / 100%Referral Clicks

    Traffic Eden offers us a pretty cool design. Its advantage ... It is inspired by two recognized RevShares (TRAFFIC MOONSOON and My Paying Ads) Both say that with the reputation of the latter two, Eden Traffic scores points for its launch scheduled for November 30, 2015. The admin is Arnulf...
  4. Shark.Root

    NEW PTC $5 to $8 in 2 days

    Join here before scam:notsure: ref link: nonref link: if you join under me i will teach you how to dispute PTC scam:uhuh:
  5. malindu95

    [hot] Click one day and you can earn 0.7230$ (dreambux) 100% now paying

    MEMBERS Earn up to $0.1 per click Earn up to $0.05 per reff click Only $1.00 minimum cashout 3 Years subscription High Earn and reff commisions Instant payouts FREE Premium Membership JOIN NOW> non ref>>> IF...
  6. A

    [PTC] Make money with UseClix + Proof (earn up to more than $5/day)

    PROOF ===== ABOUT USECLIX - for your persuasion ========= UseClix is a company locate in America: LLC UseClix signup for HTTPS connection Useclix use Comodo SSL ======================================= MEMBER : Free OR Premium ($80/year) OR Ultimate ($800/year) Earning AVG...
  7. exchanger24h

    [AdFiver] GUIDE MAKE MONEY AdFiver - SITE PTC REALLY GOOD - US company - Paypal Business Verified

    Today, I'll introduce you to a new Web reputation PTC, after a number of reputation sites ptc we showed earlier. Part 1: Introduction to Adfiver - Adfiver is a PTC website (Custom Script) - Run day 16 -10 - 2015, during the previous thorough preparation of the development team Ad fiver. - Did...
  8. B

    Online Media Gold (Make Minimum 0.5$ a day)

    Online Media Gold is an online advertising platform that enables affiliates to make money by performing over 20 different tasks related to Social Media and Online Advertising Income streams.There are 3 different ways you can make extra money on Online Media Gold. Watch Ads and do Social Tasks...