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  1. E

    Best PTC list website

    hi , on these website you can find best PTC sites available on the web right now
  2. SearchAndWin

    RewardsGate - Brand New GPT Launch - Amazon Gift Cards & More

    RewardsGate is a brand new GPT that just launched. Right now they have Amazon Gift Cards, Payeer, and Perfect Money. You can get in early below. I will post payment proof as soon as I cashout. REF - NON -
  3. E

    Best earning sites & strategies

    Hello mates I d like to know which sites you consider best earning sites and your earning strategies . Currently I am registered on many PTC sites , but except Trafficmonsoon I think you cannot earn much on such sites without investments , or if you don't get many direct active referrals which...
  4. SearchAndWin

    GetMoneyGPT - Brand New GPT - PayPal - LAUNCH!!!

    GetMoneyGPT has just launched. PayPal, instant gift cards and more. image "Contests Nov 7, 2015 at 08:38 PM Currently running an offer contest and referral contestthrough the end of 2015. Please follow us on Twitterto get some extra promo codes. We're currently seeking a few more...
  5. A

    [PTC] Make money with UseClix + Proof (earn up to more than $5/day)

    PROOF ===== ABOUT USECLIX - for your persuasion ========= UseClix is a company locate in America: LLC UseClix signup for HTTPS connection Useclix use Comodo SSL ======================================= MEMBER : Free OR Premium ($80/year) OR Ultimate ($800/year) Earning AVG...
  6. ptcsite46

    Earn with Adfiver

    (str) Site Name: AdFiver (ok) Click Value: 4x0.01+6x0.001 (ok) Script: Unique Script (ok) Forced Advertisement: Yes (ok) Earnings a day: $0.04+ (ok) RR cost: $20 (100) (Click Here Earnings From RR Table) (ok) Payment Processors:PayPal(Must Be Verified), Payza, Bitoin, Neteller (ok) Withdraw...
  7. E

    Get Paid to Read Ads from Best PTC Sites

    Get paid to click ads is one of the best option on internet to earn money. Although many people don’t recommend this method for making money because of low income potential but if you do it correctly, you can earn at least $200-$300 per month by working just 10-15 minutes daily. I. ClixSense...