1. krazy240

    Why I need VPN for THEBOT

    hello guys, I am from India and an old user of this website but for the last few months I can access this site without a VPN, There are many more sites floating all over the net which are famous for Piracy porn, etc .compare to that this site stands no were. is there any way from where I can...
  2. gromegnome

    The next great debate.....

    I feel this is a good debate topic..... which is more suited to be "The meaning of life" BACON or 42 cast your vote and tell us why you feel your choice is right edit: I chose bacon.... cause BACON damnit
  3. Mknayak

    Why you are Here

    Hello friends we are all like family here. But why You join here & what u want from this great site?
  4. mbd

    How to remove ?lang=xx in URL when using Imacro ?

    How to remove ?lang=xx in URL when using Imacro ? as I notice that when there is URL with another language it dose hang the imacro and doesn't work. so is there is any way to remove part of URL which is after the question mark like : <code> com/user?lang=xx </code> or anything after...
  5. soorajy

    Good hosting that can handle 50k view per day

    As title said I am losing lots of view due to speed issue on my website need a good hosting. Thinking to use aws. Any suggestion
  6. PhoenixLord

    Can someone answer these questions please

    I dont want to create different threads so am going to ask 3 questions. 1. Why is TBN currently not taking in new members, I mean there is no registration for new members, 2. Does anyone know a good site where i can complete surveys to earn Amazon, I Tunes or PS Gift cards? and 3; 3. Is it worth...
  7. McOneCry

    Welcome Back! What do you think about...

    Hello everyone! As always a little question but at first... I am glad to see that the forum is alive. So... What do you think, is there possibility to replace actual Internet Services? I mean, what may replace Facebook, Youtube, Twitter. Or maybe they will get old after long time? Do you...
  8. DEADZ

    What is your WHY!?

    What's the reason behind your hunger?
  9. L

    have a server at home, is there a way to profit from it?

    Is there a way to profit with a 2x 6-Core L5640 2.26GHz/32GB RAM server?
  10. jessica2000

    What is your guilty pleasure?

    Go ahead spill your dirty little secrets. Let your bronys shine. Late night Taco Bell and Easy Cheese on ritz crackers ( I put the cracker in my mouth and do a cheezy squirt)
  11. jessica2000

    What is the biggest thing you do to waste time?

    Especially when you are supposed to be doing something else. I spend way too much time playing games. MMORPGs to be specific
  12. jessica2000

    What's a sign that someone is secretly a bad person?

    I would say someone that is incapable of taking responsibility for their decisions and actions. Everything is always someone else's fault, there always a scapegoat.
  13. jacknet

    Want Upgrade my pretty simple computer need some help and suggestions please

    Hello everybody, I have a question and i need some helps. I don't have much knowledge in building computers, i'm all times using £ working with laptops which is cost unlike desktop computers. So in this time i want to build one cuz i lost my laptop 15 days ago for some electricity problems in...
  14. aragbayeccs

    [ABOUT] Earnably Payments

    Hi all, anyone could tell me if really pays? Because, I was join today under a friend link and he told me that site pays same day, but other friend says me is scam. Could anyone let me know if that site earnably pays or not? Thank you :top:
  15. DEADZ

    Channel Streaming Music 24/7???

    Wonder how long they can keep this up..... Who listens to this kind of music?
  16. soorajy

    which algorithm is best for face detection??

    i m doing a project is finding difficult which algorithm is best for face detection any suggestion
  17. DEADZ

    10 Million or 1 Year With Mark And Bill?

  18. TroubleJS

    ??? Sites like eBay ???

    I need to know sites like ebay,i need to sell some items ,but they suspended me every time(Why?i have 2 accounts with 2 diferent names-family=i cant have access to ebay for future) ;( Thank you for attention ;)
  19. TroubleJS

    Photoshop CC or CS6 ?

    Write your review / Pro or Con / CC or CS6
  20. killzonefury


    so i am planning to buy a vps(yes first time you wont believe it maybe). i want to buy vps for running TE, not only one but multiple TE's like 5-6 WARNING:THE NEXT PARAGRAPH IS ME TAKING SOME SHIT SO IF YOU DONT WANT TO WASTE TIME JUMP ONTO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH reason i didnt buy vps yet is...