1. jessica2000

    What is the biggest thing you do to waste time?

    Especially when you are supposed to be doing something else. I spend way too much time playing games. MMORPGs to be specific
  2. Stickle


    Welcome to "Stickle's little contest", it's really simple and easy to enter! everyone can enter this just as long as you reach the minimum requerments, over 10 likes and 50+ posts, I don't want inactive people being upgraded if there not going to use it, or atleast show it off! I'm going to be...
  3. A

    USER GIVEAWAY [Giveaway]VPS from FortaCloud

    Giving away a FortaCloud VPS (the one I talked about here Stats of the VPS: Next payment date/validity: 12/12/15 Requirenments/more information: ♦ Members entering must be registered for at least 1 month or have sub. (TBN rule) ♦ You may post one time per page, unless you are @leochang2 or...