1. keko0o

    How to rank in youtube ?

    i see many vids which go to trend in 2 days got 100 or 200 k view how to do this guys also the competition is so tough i dont know how they rank that fast on that high comepetiton i dont get any views at all any help any advice like buy HIGH retenion view and aged account other stuffs i need...
  2. MicheleXVII

    Best Traffic Source for rank

    Which is the best traffic source for rank a youtube video?
  3. tarung98

    List of 20 PR9 High PR Backlinks Dofollow Websites

    20 PR9 High PR Backlinks Dofollow Websites: Main Domain Page Rank (PR) http://www.mozilla.org 9 https://plus.google.com 9 http://www.qualtrics.com 8 http://storify.com 8 http://wordpress.org 9 https://www.facebook.com 9 https://twitter.com 10 http://www.apache.org 9 https://vimeo.com/ 8...
  4. MATAD0R

    [Method] How to rank your Youtube Videos!!!

    Gone are the days when you only needed a few thousand views to get ranked on YouTube. In today’s world the competition is really tough and almost every second guy is doing the YouTube + CPA thing. Many people think that views are the only thing which is required for ranking. They get this wrong...