1. NgelawakGan

    Best Screen Recording Software?

    I'm really confused with this one, I have used bandicam, fraps and all of them make my game laggy af... Anyone know less performance impact screen recording software? Share your expriences
  2. daveter9

    SELL CS:GO gameplay shop

    Another one? Yes another one! I am selling cs:go deathmatch gameplays for 1,75$ each. Each game is about 10 minutes. Recorded with OBS 1080p/30fps. Pay with bitcoin only.(dont have pp) Perfect for your Fullscreen/BBTV youtube methods. PM me for questions.
  3. B

    YouTube Team with 1 channel?

    Hi everyone. My name is Kevin, and I want to create a funny YouTube gameplay/lets play team who can make videos with me or doing them alone on one single channel. So we upload videos often, and split the money depending on what we earn for the videos. Ofc the channel will be english, and we have...