1. oddanim

    BOT Instagram delete sent follow requests [SCRIPT/DELETE/SENT PENDING REQUESTS]

    Hello, I am sharing with you an iMacros Script for deleting sent pending requests on instagram (because IG blocks you when you reach 2600 sent pending follow requests). So : 1/ You'll need to download iMacros on Firefox (I don't know if it works for chrome) 2/ Go to current follow requests...
  2. aragbayeccs

    [Help & Request] KDSpy - The Ultimate Amazon Kindle Spy Tool

    Hi exist here on TBN, anyone with an cracked or legal KDSpy license/software (available on could share with me? If anyone have it and wanna share with me, please send me PM ASAP. Thx guys.
  3. mbd

    REQUEST Websyndic Bot Request

    I am requesting bot that can be run in Firefox ( Windows or Linux ) For Websyndic Surfing. Simply just surf Lightweight and wait time and go to surf URL again to prevent crash, as it's crashed if usually put it on browser. No just surfing and prevent crash by going to URL after period of...
  4. dotbot

    [help] Please tell What is written in this image

    what is written in this image please tell i did not understand this language and even don't know which is this language :( link- image - ....
  5. W

    please let me join....

    i wanna help a lot of people... and help myself .. thank you...
  6. Nachopo

    Promotion request for Nachopo!

    Listen to this song before reading the text: Hi, friends! I write this thread to request your access to the rest of the forum. I am 34 years old and 8 years ago not write actively in any forum or web. I recently did the 25 posts and I can keep talking in the "Introductions" and...
  7. TestaDiRapa

    Issue with faucet HTTP bot

    Hi all, I'm trying to write a bot using GET and POST requests for this faucet. I've studied a bit the page and I found that I have to make a POST request using as parameters my btc address, a "type" parameter whose value is 12, an optional parameter for the referral and a "key" parameter whose...
  8. Wnuke

    [REQ]Best CPM Method?

    What method do you use to get profits from CPM sites?
  9. U

    WebBrowser Bot, click button

    How to create a Click event for this?? :( :frog::frog::frog::frog::frog::frog::frog::frog::frog::frog::frog::frog::frog:
  10. Precise

    [PHP] PHP Curl Library (GET, POST, HEAD, PUT, Async)

    Here's my PHP Curl library and my public Bitbucket repo: // GET example die(CurlGet("")); // GET example with manual redirect location parsing $response = CurlGet("", "", "", "", "", 30, false, true); $location =...