1. suryaagung

    what happen in revenuehits

    halo revenuehits WITH why , Check the status of I ,,, -_- NOT Paid ,, And I declare SCAMMMMMM traffic is legits !! :angry::angry: :scam::scam::scam::scam::scam:
  2. P

    New User with some tricks!

    Hi I am completely new here and i would like to meet everyone. I've been trying to earn from the internet for a while and so far i have successfully managed to with (Through torrents! I will tell you how later) and revenuehits and currently working on clixsense.
  3. Shniezel

    Earn money using your website and get a chance to win extra prizes

    Hi, do you have a website? but you don't know how to earn money in your site? first of all i just wan't to share my new movie site i registered my domain a few weeks ago, and i'm earning Dollar$ everyday in my site using Revenuehits. You can REGISTER HERE and give it a try on your...
  4. IvanLudvig

    Revenuehits scam? ecpm 0

    Is revenuhits scam? I've got 308 impressions, but profit is $0.
  5. steve102

    Earn up to 2$ perday using Revenuehits and ZenMate plugin

    Earn up to 2$ perday just from your clicks How? : Instal ZenMate plugin from google chrome , then sign up , after that make it on , delete cookies and go to your blog click ads and complete offers , change contry and do the same . You are not a publisher in Revenuehits? so join now ...
  6. steve102

    My Second Payment Proof Revenuehits - 74$ via Payoneer

    This is my Second Payment from Revenuehits ,the best adsense alternative . Date of payment : 26-02-2016 via Payoneer If you have Mastercard payoneer this is the best way to charge it . More informations about RevenueHits : Good Luck ;)
  7. Joycoll

    Why My RevenueHits Earning & eCPM Is $0.00

    Any One Answer me Why My RevenueHits Earning & eCPM Is $0.00 ?
  8. steve102

    RevenueHits payment proofs

    Hi friends there is the payment proofs for anyone have a doubt in RevenueHits , its not a scam site ,personally i tried before with infolinks , chitika , bidvertiser but i didnt find any Ads company like revenuehits wish think its the best adsense alternative . Payment proof via paypal ...
  9. steve102

    Best Adsense alternative - 23$ payment proof via payoneer

    Hi everyone i will share with you in this thread one of the best adsense alternatives . Ads network name : RevenueHits Ads network features : The Highest eCPMs paid to publishers Immediate account activation Worldwide coverage Easy and Fast Tags set up RevenueHits Ad formats : Banners ,Pop...
  10. K

    My Payment Proof with Revenuehits

    Aug: Sep: Otc: No method.Just keep learning to earn more!
  11. LearnToBot

    RevenueHits $48 Payment Proof

    Hello Guys i just want to show you my Payment Proof of RevenueHits If you want to earn with RevenueHits too, register here: Register with Ref-Link: Register without Ref-Link: