1. MCtiaguinho

    SELL AGC's 85% BTC or 90% PayPal

    Hi, i currently have 40$ worth of BTC's (from rogue labs bots), im selling for 85% BTC or 90% paypal (as gift). I won't go first unless you've got a really really good rep. If yoy want we can get a middleman. Thank you all ! --- Post updated --- Not BTC's but AGC's sorry im dumb... Bump
  2. MCtiaguinho

    Rogue Labs?

    Hi, Anyone knows what happend with rogue labs?
  3. aragbayeccs

    [ASK] About TBN TAGS & Groups

    Hi, anyone could tell me about, Which requisites must I have for join to?: Plush Club. RogueClub. Thanks :top:
  4. Joshemmy

    The Rogue Warrior

    Hello guys.. New here.. Although I've registered since last year I'm not yet a member. I believe in fate and I came to thebot for a purpose. just one purpose. To conquer. You can call me Josh but I'm also the rogue warrior.:unhappy:
  5. conopi999

    It's profitable to buy rogue subscription? - Help

    It's profitable to buy rogue subscription? I want to buy but i don't know if it's profitable and what bot to use... If anyone know please say... Thanks in Advance...
  6. chibby30

    SELL SwarmByte - Cheap Windows/Linux VPS and Dedicated Servers

    Hi TBN members! .:.I'm offering cheap Windows/Linux VPS with DDoS Protection on all plans up to 20Gbps filtering.:. [You can see the all plans below] P.S. Discount Coupon will only be applicable for one time order. Next orders it will be invalid...