1. ToBeBest

    Faucet Rotator Bitcoin & Altcoin Faucethub

    Let me introduce my own Blog Faucet Rotator, the easy way to collect digital money using faucet site,All site from FaucetHub list that sends payments Instantly to your FaucetHub account. You must have an account on FaucetHub site before Claiming on my Blog Rotator, Click Here to register at...
  2. apoloo

    rotador.ethfaucet wins ethereum easily

    good too I found this rotated etherum see it very interesting, yet have not cashed but I'll informed link for registration without: link to register with:
  3. geekbasic

    Roto Buddy - 20 to 500 Satohi every ten minutes

    The rotation friendly bitcoin faucet! Roto Buddy Possible rewards: 100 (95%), 200 (1%), 300 (1%), 400 (1%), 500 (1%), 1000 (1%) satoshi every 5 minutes. 25% ref, payment via FaucetSystem
  4. A

    hi everyone im new and i've made a faucet rotator

    Hello Guys, glad to be a new member of TBN. I've made a faucet rotator that includes more than 70 faucet sites. If u are tired of opening lots of tabs or searching legit faucets, this rotator should be helpful~ Earning up 100k+ satoshi per day. LINK: Please enjoy!
  5. RoT

    BOT URL Rotator Script Generator [REDONE] [w/ UPLOADER]

    Hey everyone. I've redone my first bot for TBN. Completely redone. Function is same as THIS OLD BOT BUT I've added some cool features Like Unlimited number of Links And many other cool features Complete UI Redone. Hope you guys like it ! Now, the virus scan HERE ENJOY Download Links...
  6. M

    URL Rotator Script Generator Online

    Just a small site I built. Its easy: Just enter all your URLs (one each line) and click on "Submit". Then, you can see the code for the rotation script and download it as PHP file. There you go:
  7. unodue

    Uk IP Give away+12K BTC/20Mins

    Hi I Will Give away Best UK IP VPN For Best Result Of This Rotator . Send A PM Within Your Email address , Or Send An E-Mail to Me: adwork19[at] to get free uk ip vpn in one minute. JetBitcoin[New Version] is a fast rotator that collected best and fastest Faucets . Click On NEXT SITE...
  8. Sylverlyt

    Dailymotion video rotator script !

    Hey guys, I've made a little script to write on a html page. The script scrapes all videos from your DM channel and redirects you randomly to a video. <html> <head> <script src=""></script> // Include jQuery needed for getJSON </head>...
  9. unodue


    Hi everyone, Intoduce to you the Site , It is a Combo platform that included BTC Rotator and Offerwall (GPT) . It's Rotator is cool and amazing collected the best faucets and also offerwall is one of the be .st that pays Satoshis per doing such as installing Mobile apps and there...
  10. 1337_Pirate

    22hits link rotator

    Hey, guys! So.. I was using a 22hits link rotator while ago but I had to reset my windows and now it's gone! I'm using a different rotator from someone else from here but It's not good enough!! Can anyone help me find the first or 2nd 22hits rotator posted here? There were many posted later but...
  11. Lucky´s

    UniqueIP (IP filter / Rotator) (Maybe more!)

    Hey TBN, thanks to @Laserus some friends of mine and I just started their own Youtube adventure and make good progress. As we wanted to use a website rotator with included UniqueIP Check we made our own script to fullfill this need. As this tool runs good we want to open it to the public and...
  12. Multilink

    Earn Satoshis nonstop

    Lets testing 2500 satoshi
  13. Multilink

    Chosen faucets up to 2800 satoshi per faucet
  14. JohnnyDepp

    Best Faucet Rotator Out Here! Free BTC easily!

    If you're looking for a rotator that sends you to high paying bitcoin sites, then look no further. This rotator here just opened and has 8 faucet sites as of now that pay very well. This is an easy way to rack in some btc. Some of these sites even increase the amount you receive everyday as long...
  15. swivel1983

    The Best BTC faucets rotator

    Only 1000 satoshis o more BTC faucets