1. L

    Hey Guys (Gold Farmer)

    Hey whatsup guys, Would love to share knowledge on this forum. I am personally deep into gold farming in games like Runescape & League of Legends on a massive scale. Very active on Sythe/HF and other forums. Hope to meet some new people here and make some more money ;) xx
  2. btcbounty

    Runescape Trading

  3. btcbounty

    Are you playing Runescape Old School ?

    Hey, I am started Playing Runescape Old School Game and I reached Level 30 on Cooking, Firemaking, Wood Cutting Level 40, Mining Level 30, Strength Level 20
  4. L

    Need help pricing & selling my runescape account

    hi I'm very new to this and I dont even play runescape, the account belonged to my brother and he spent so much playing the game that i need to try and sell it so he could make some of his money back but idk how much its worth and i dont want to get scammed in the process. if anyone has any...
  5. eSqUiRe

    Any Runescape botters out there?

    I'm currently experimenting with botting OSRS/07 f2p accounts. So far I've only made 3M due to running public scripts and bans happening every 48-72 hours. If you are currently botting, I would love to start a small IRC/Skype group to share ideas and to help each other out. Sometime in the...
  6. TJ

    What are the best video games you ever played?

    For me: Neopets Runescape Gunbound GunZ Quake 3 Arena Left 4 Dead Series Portal Series Bioshock Series I could list a few more but you'd all have nothing left to list :)
  7. vmarc

    SELL Old school Runescape Account

    Yo Selling my osrs account 69 combat, 124 quest points, 1069 total lvl, 60 agility, 70 cooking, 52 crafting etc etc Has about $10 worth in gold and items Starting price is $50, willing to negotiate