1. J


    Earn daily satoshis and earn more everyday with strikes You need to create an account and shake your phone Open the app every day and shake your phone for free rewards You earn more and more everyday until you cap to 6250 satoshis everyday Ref: Non-ref...
  2. Turkuaz

    Is coinbase accept sahoshi?

    I sent a bitcoin worth $ 1 and $ 2 to my coinbase account.But i show my wallet is empty.Why?
  3. Turkuaz

    I have a question about

    Friends, website is about share picture and earn bitcoin.If people like our pictures we earn free bitcoin.I want to ask you where's the bitcoin supply coming from?
  4. mfcristi

    CryptoMiningGame - NEW ERA Faucet

    CRYPTO MINING GAME is a new kind of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Doge Faucet where you can mine for game (will never use cpu) and earn for real! Enjoy the game and earn bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin! Everything is kind of a mining game . You earn HPower for every Mission you do (you cand MINE FOR...
  5. anhautobot

    Earn 10-50 Satoshis every 5 minutes Automatically

    Guide: 1. Install tampermonkey. 2. Install Script : googl 1N5rHR - Code Auto 3. Install Addon Alert Control for chrome/firefox (Setup "Block) - Block Noti popup. 4. Visit site : googl HTdxsS Good Luck!
  6. mfcristi - 40 free spins . offers 40 free spins to earn satoshi . After 40 free spins, you get 10 spins for every reff and 2 spins every 3 hours . I got 15k satoshi from 4 spins . This is how paytable looks like : Min. payout is : 0.01 BTC Ref link ...
  7. fl0r1nn

    Top faucet paying 40 satoshi per minute

    i present to you a super faucet that is very easy to use and it pays 40 satoshi per claim every minute .You must first add your faucethub wallet to get your credits instant.They offer up to 20% reff comission.thank you if you join under my...
  8. enzo.lavezzi

    Make Btc with your Android Device

    Hello Guys I just have to start by saying this is not a Fishing Thread for Reffs , i just came across this app on playstore , i did some digging , only good reviews all over the place If you live in 1st tier countries you will have Tasks to complete and earn good amount of Satoshi and you...
  9. mitch1490

    20000 satoshi bonus limited offer, paid for data entry (visuel,audio)

    hi to everyone, I've found this website called vangoro link is here for register with bonus 20 000 satoshi at sign up. (limited offer) non-ref: You're paid to view ads with simple numbers captcha paid for data entry jobs...
  10. IvanLudvig

    Capybara faucet 100-250 satoshi every 30 minutes

    Capybara faucet. Payouts via faucethub. 100-250 satoshi every 30 minutes everyday
  11. Prymul

    !!CoinMafia!! New bitcoin game

    Hello everyone. Today I want to introduce you a new bitcoin game In this simple game we are a criminal. We earn coins which we can change to satoshi or dollars $ Exchange rate: 2500 Coins to 25.000 Satoshis 5000 Coins to 50.000 Satoshis 15000 Coins to Amazon Voucher, PayPal and...
  12. vitorbsal

    Litecoins auto

    You can pick up every 5 minutes or leave it piling up. No reffer: Reffer s2 : ) :
  13. coolindark

    Very Easy ~10000 Satoshi

    Hello everyone. Here is a very easy ~10000 Satoshi earning method. There is a new forum i've created. Every new member has right to get 100 CommunityCoin. COC has a wide market volume in Yobit, so you can sell 1 COC at least for 100 Satoshi. So it's a very easy 10000 Satoshi at least...
  14. M

    Bitcoin is the Future

    The opportunity of getting a bitcoin can not be overemphasized. it is the future and also the opportunity to be wealth independent is now.
  15. C

    Earn Money (Bitcoin) by share your Pictures

    On my search for a good and clean image host I stumble upon They offer you to earn bitcoin with your hosted images. There is no active affiliate program on this project! Please keep in mind that I have created my account approx 1 hour ago, payment proof will be posted after I have...
  16. frize1

    Earn 5 Satoshi per Hit

    Hi, guys. I wanted to share a site that you can earn 5 satoshi per hit. The site is . On this site you can earn satoshi by visiting other people sites, or you can earn by sending traffic to your referral link. By sending traffic to your referral link you earn 5 Satoshi. Ways to...
  17. geekbasic

    New Micro Payment Processors

    The faucet industry is taking a beating with the announcements of Faucetbox and Paytoshi closing. This leaves us with less options such as Epay and Xapo or direct payments with high thresholds an fees. It's not just faucets either, my ptp sites depend on this as well. I have been following the...
  18. A

    Anyone still use Alien Faucet?

    I have been to the faucet recently (actually had forgot about it) It states once your balance reaches 20,000 satoshi it will automatically be sent. Says payments sent every Tuesday. Well last Tuesday my balance was above 20,000 and no payment. Anyone else having issues? Thanks
  19. MadPanda

    Earn 3000 Satoshi Every 10 Minutes.

    How much can I get when I claim satoshi? From 1000 to 3000 satoshi for claim, you can claim every 10 minutes! When can I withdraw? You can withdraw once you reach 0.003(average $1.68) on your balance. Every request is usually processed within 24 hours. Register Here Ref non
  20. Prymul

    bitjackpot 10 000 sat/24h

    Hello, today I found a new faucet: bitjackpot They pay 10 000 satoshi once per 24h. Minimum withdraw: 20 000 satoshi direct to your wallet. What is more we can multiply your satoshi playing a game with other users. From referral we earn 2% of winning Ref-link...