1. t1n0pr

    Free Satoshi Game

    Hi friends, i'm not an expert on making lot of bitcoins, but today i will share with you how to make 300 to 600 daily satoshis. Free Bitcoin Spinner is an old game, maybe you heard there of him. They pay via coinbase, and you can claim your satoshis every 3 days. I hope you guys use my referral...
  2. fmo736

    How to Make My Own Bot to Earn Satoshis?

    I'm wondering where I can learn the required skills to make my own bot to go through a bitcoin faucets list (e.g. Faucets list from that I collected on my own Excel spreadsheet and allow me to enter captchas manually (auto would be better but I don't know the lines of code to do...
  3. pumitadika

    Dayrox New faucet - Min. 1091 Satoshi

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    50 satoshi every 1 seconds direct pay

    Very Fast Earning one of the best Bitcoin faucet 50 satoshi every 1 seconds just fill captcha claim rewared and refresh page again do same thing pay direct to FaucetBOX Best OF Luck :thumbsup:Join Now Update Rewards: 50 (50%), 100 (50%) satoshi every 1 seconds Happy time: Now you can win...
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    Claim 83,616 Satoshi Hourly!

    Hi guys, you can make 83,616 Satoshi per hour if you play this rotator, and if you play all faucet at the time, you can earn 2,006,781 Satoshi Daily. This is a legit site, I have received payment from them 4 times already. Just register with your bitcoin address, they pay directly to your BTC...
  6. StarLine

    My New Faucet

    Hi guys i want to share the start from my faucet site (5 days ago), after sort certain issues with chrome users, this one is operational, just under permanent upgrade, working now with the design and the rotator, but 100% functional, up to 1250/hour, direct to your faucetbox registered address...
  7. sandclocks15

    +150,000 Satoshis a Day: The Faucet's Thread

    Wonder how you can make up to 250,000 satoshis in a single day? Simple, follow this instructions: 1) Open every single link in the list below. 2) You will organize a bookmark folder exclusively for faucets and you'll manage them following the order given in the list. 3) Don't overload a...
  8. sandclocks15

    Ruby Finder: Win 200/500/2,000/40,000 Satoshis

    RUBY FINDER: A FUNNY FAUCET This faucet is very similar to Blockchain Library and Satoshis's Beach, but the nice thing is that you can win more satoshis and with a better probability of winning the jackpot (less squares to choose from). Good luck! PS: YOU JUST HAVE TO WAIT 10 MINUTES PER...
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    Best Faucet Rotator Out Here! Free BTC easily!

    If you're looking for a rotator that sends you to high paying bitcoin sites, then look no further. This rotator here just opened and has 8 faucet sites as of now that pay very well. This is an easy way to rack in some btc. Some of these sites even increase the amount you receive everyday as long...
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    Free BTC - 1000 Satoshis / 15 Minutes

    Hello guys, plain and simple: Found this faucet tonight: REF-LINK (Thanks for helping me :)) LINK (NO REF) :D HAPPY EARNINGS !! LOVE YOU GUYS
  11. Sunny399

    How to Run Bitocin Faucet? Need Help

    Hi all friends i have created a btc earning faucet from which you can earn 700 to 1000 satoshi every 30minutes, but the problem is dont know how to earn money as a faucet owner can any one plz help me or suggest me ways from which i can earn money from my faucet, it will be a great help from...
  12. Sunny399

    PAKFAUCET payment proof

    This payment proof is from a member of Pakfaucet join here and claim 1000 satoshi every 30 minutes
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    Sup guys, A brand new FaucetBox Faucet. Check it out: ** New prizes will be added soon **
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    144000 SATOSHI PER DAY

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