1. phoenixhaxor

    Make Dispute/Scam Section Accessible by Public

    Just a copy-paste from my status as requested. How bout making disputes/scam section public? Dox and stuff will be made available for public so that real life employers will be able to find the bastard's name :giga:
  2. Midgarosormr

    Warning about Bittrex

    Bittrex has been subtly scamming people over the last few months, but recently they began ramping it up. If you have assets in Bittrex, get them out ASAP. It also seems that scummy scammers are also...
  3. D

    Android App Scam Warning

    Just thought I would post this as a courtesy for anyone running faucet or Bitcoin PPC apps. Came across this app "Free Bitcoin - BTC Miner" which claims that it pays out at 500,000 Satoshi. After earning roughly 540,000 I clicked withdrawal and never received payment. The developer "Still...
  4. 4hsc

    Scammed for 17$ on SEOClerks by the "cop-filming faggot"

    What's up my dudes :mynigga: So, first I don't really care about 17$, but I did care about the negative feedback of the sale. I know SEOClerks is a shitty website, but I have a big stock of Hitleap accounts and Otohits and shit and other TE, and I feel like that website is the fastest one to...
  5. HappyHarry

    [Guide]How to find a BitCoin Scammer

    The original Idea was to post a reply to a query by sardasa. but my imagination flew so much ... and So Much ..... that ....... I fell asleep and when I woke up, I made up some stories and posted in this thread. I hope that : Many good people will enjoy . some wicket (wicked) people will...
  6. 1337_Pirate

    NEWS Amazon Scam [ Just Indian Things ]

    An Indian Amazon Scam Journey An Indian woman from Bangalore was arrested for scamming e-commerce giant Amazon by making numerous online purchases from different fake addresses exchanging cheap lookalikes and selling the original items on another shopping portal of hers. The woman claimed...
  7. BloodyBot

    Is this guy a scammer?

    Hey guys so I stumbled upon this dude since a friend of mine recommended him to me because he apparently has a sh*tload of courses (like the Social Media Marketing Agency from Tai Lopez for like 100 bucks instead of a thousand) but I'm still not too sure whether he's legit or not.. Let me...
  8. K

    What the HELL This type of websites is Legit or They fooling some of innocent user

    some the websites called bitcoin miner.. or and many more. What the are claiming Mining How it works our tool? Our software is a brand new tool that makes bitcoin mining more faster than any tool on the market. Who we are? We are a team of programmers with over 5 years...
  9. aragbayeccs

    [ABOUT] Android APP Payments VS Emulators

    Anyony knows if this apps actually are paying or is scam, and if is allowed be running on emulators without ban risk?: AppNana FreeMyApps CashMaverick Super Cash Rewards FeaturePoints If anyone knows anothers Android APP is actually paying, an can be running on emulators. Please repply here...
  10. aragbayeccs

    [ABOUT] Earnably Payments

    Hi all, anyone could tell me if really pays? Because, I was join today under a friend link and he told me that site pays same day, but other friend says me is scam. Could anyone let me know if that site earnably pays or not? Thank you :top:
  11. AceKnight

    Did You ever get Scammed?

    Hello everyone I have a question for all of you "Did you ever get scammed?". tbh I Never got scammed for money. Except for this one time in this game when i gave my Pokemons (Dialga and Palkia) to this guy and he said that he'll level it up for me and then blocked me. im still angry about it...
  12. E

    got scammed by @Zombie12345

    hi guys i got scammed by @ Zombie12345 he used my channel with TE (YTMONSTER) my channel is monetized with ifree and now i have suspendated payments unil 10TH FEb please take care guys about his methods of YT
  13. rajatcool


    Guys If you get any link like this (imgjpg(dot)pictures/image44.jpg) on your steam from anyone ,then just ignore it.Today I got this link from my frnd with a caption "hehe lol".So clicked the link and it downloaded a .scr file.I know .scr is usually trogan so deleted it quickly and restarted my...
  14. devonta121

    (Youtube) Do you guy back up your channel videos?

    I want to know do any of you backup your videos incase something goes wrong with your channel? I backed up all my video except my recent ones.
  15. skylikemake

    Some Steals My Youtube Channel - We Need Each Others Help!

    Somebody Steals My Youtube Channel ! Hey TBN members, Today somebody just steals my youtube channel partnered with fullscreen and my money. I bought this channel from @colo, now he is banned, because he is fuckin little scammer, i sent him money for 3 FS accounts and he only gave me 1 account...
  16. S


    SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! I pressed "Add funds" to buy new server and after I fill the form to send 0.32760097 BTC to my funding address of UPM... Order #4413428 Please transfer your Bitcoins to the address given below. The funds will be credited as soon as we get 6 confirmations from the...
  17. suryaagung

    what happen in revenuehits

    halo revenuehits WITH why , Check the status of I ,,, -_- NOT Paid ,, And I declare SCAMMMMMM traffic is legits !! :angry::angry: :scam::scam::scam::scam::scam:
  18. DTG

    Another Cloud Mining Site Reveals To Be A Scam

    I saw someone post a few weeks ago about hash-capital, They gave like .015TH of mining power for free so I decided just to let my account generate some Crypto Coins for fun. I check back today and the site has been taken down:pfft: I know a good bit of these sites are just scams to get quick $...
  19. B

    I can only post here, I already introduced myself

    I can only post here, I already introduced myself... I have seen people promoting scam sites and bunch of people upvoting them, and guess what they closed after few weeks and stole all those people money. #topmine etc Since I am not a member I can't post and prove that they are scams..... I...
  20. Tanje

    Skype Imposter - Tanje

    hey, @sardasa just told me that he got added by someone on skype pretending to be me. Watch out for this fake account idk his skype account username yet, if i add u make sure that u confirm its really me by sending me a pm on tbn. Im looking into it atm, @Doyn Fiasco i was talking to you...