selling btc

  1. doz4

    SELL BTC at %10

    selling btc +%10 preev rate minimum 50$ Stock=400$ paypal gift or payoneer and trusted members only
  2. Faded


    I am Giftcards. Rates are negotiable rate: 70% Paypal and 60% Bitcoin I don't accept: carded GC and eWhored GC. Make sure the AGC is for in €, not $.
  3. jonasllll

    SELL BTC for PayPal @ Preev +10%.

    I have got 0.5 BTC in stock. I am selling BTC for PayPal @ rate + 10% PM me if you are interested to buy BTC. Dealing only with Verified PayPal users.
  4. arifsha

    SELL Selling $280 Worth Of BTC for Bank Transfer Indian Only

    Selling $280 Worth Of BTC for Bank Transfer Indian Only $280 BTC + 5% Indians only first come first serve for payment you go first and then i will send btc, that's how only it will work please no bullshit on my thread only reply if you wanna buy Happy day Arifsha.
  5. Micene

    SELL BTC for pp +13% preev

    Hello, I'm selling the amount of BTC at this address: For now it is 0.089 and still growing. I sell it for the price of +13%. (PP as gift) Since I'm not well trusted I'd like to use @HeavenKatana as a middle man if you...
  6. jonasllll


    I have $22.89. Selling for Paypal