selling fullscreen channel

  1. Faded

    BUY [BUY] BBTV Partnered YouTube Account

    Hi! I am looking to buy at least 1 BBTV Partnered YouTube Account. BUYING FULLSCREEN ACCOUNTS TOO!! I can pay using either PayPal (Gift / Family & Friends) or Crypto. PM me using this link: click_me Won't go first except if someone has more rep than me. Do NOT post your offer here, PM me the offer.
  2. Faded

    SELL Fullscreen Partnered Channel!

    Hi, I am selling a channel, that just got partnered. It has 774 Videos uploaded, of which around 200 Videos i actually own. The rest are random videos of gameplays. The channel is as i said freshly partnered, just 5 minutes ago. It has 32Subs and 3 total views. I give it away for 150$ PayPal.