1. manosteel211

    Linux/ubuntu VPS questions

    Ok guys so im a noob when it comes to linux. i recently signed up and got some of those hotel vpses from that recent Halloween deal. Don't really have a use for them so i was just gonna set up some te in virtualbox. i spent most of the day yesterday trying to setup virtualbox in gui to run...
  2. Slorunner

    SELL ♣ SloRunner's TS3, TE, gameplay and linux services ♣

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  3. blackhat117

    How To Install Vnc Server In Ubuntu <Noobs friendly>

    i know there are some couple of tut in this already but this one is just simple and fast after you installed your OS ,, connect your vps with putty so start with sudo apt-get update -y then sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop -y after this type sudo apt-get install vnc4server -y and then...
  4. giginh0

    How to setup a Linux VPS to run TE without problems and access it from Windows

    Hi there , after seeing a lot of people having trouble starting with the vps I have decided to basically make a step by step tutorial in which we install a desktop environment for a ubuntu vps , we install chromium , firefox and flash in order to run any te without problems. So you can install...
  5. Qoins

    BULK Mailing VPS

    Hey I tried searching for a bulk mailing VPS, I bought from a website, but they turned to be scam. They got paid, supplied me with software and server but turned it off within a week, They ask for more fund to restart it, I even paid more. But they keep faking about the issues and say "Already...