1. lV3NOMl

    [Random Idea] Shares, Crypto, Stocks Predict Tool!!!

    What if someone creates a predict tool for stocks, shares, cryptos? like analyze some famous articles, videos, reddit, forum articles, tweets, some social media post, some private/public groups, suggestions etc and calculate on the basis of Yes No Risky(Maybe || Yes/No) Many says AI will be...
  2. Tradition

    How to Make Money Off of an Ad Blocker

    Ourdata is a new ad blocker (iOS app, Chrome extension, and Android app coming soon) based off unblock origin that allows you to block ads, or pays you to unblock ads. Payment is based on shares, so the more shares you hold the more money you will make. A way to get more shares is to sign up...
  3. R

    BUY [Buying] Facebook page promotion likes and shares.

    I wan real active audience for facebook page promotion likes and shares. ONLY INDIAN AUDIENCE Does any one know any site which provides it. Or any person on tbn.
  4. C

    {PP or BTC} - Earn with PTC Ads + Shares

    Link: Hello and welcome to my site, it's still in its early stages but feel free to ask any questions :) Member benefits - 1. Cashout with Paypal or Bitcoin ( Coming Soon ) 2. Earn up to $0.02 per click 3. Buy referral shares and earn passively 4. Upgraded members have instant...