1. promo25


  2. Yidir

    USER GIVEAWAY points Giveaway

    I'm having approx. 3M otohits points and decided to give them away. They're actually officially worth €4 i'll be giving ~500k points per winner means you're winning €1 :lol: , there will be 4 winners! How to participate : Reply with a text explaining why you actually did not choose to scam...
  3. S

    why TBN is like that?

    if i have a good memory around 4month was very public to anyone, anyone can publish anyone can comment but now? what's that, what da fak? -15 words? -(You have insufficient privileges to reply here.) im sad to say that tbn is going to be a shit forum
  4. Jewsain

    Free Transcripts

    scroll to the bottom of the shit when it gets faded right click on the text that gets faded n press inspect change the class "wikicontent" to then find the div with the class hidden n delete the class or change it to anything then boom the rest of the transcript is there
  5. Riderofdeath

    nigger owner's Manual xD srry if this is to racist for you =/

    welp just read this if u haven't laugh in a while o.0 and yea sry it is (kinda ) racist didn't know where to put it so i posted it under anime/movies/tv-shows
  6. blanqard

    This is why I am having Trust Issues with prohibited drugs.. XD

    SO this kid starts a conversation with me about, probably Prolific academic and I don't understand why he does not understand " THERES NO METHOD" when he asked me. OMG this kid... No meth for you tonight...XD