1. ravindusha

    Signature Image Size

    There should be a rule about the image size in signatures. Some images are very big and annoying
  2. sheryshafi

    How to add a banner to my TBN signature?

    i am trying to add this img as a banner : with this one url : plzz help me to make this banner on my TBN signature @smack893 @FMRadio @starsat1200 @mossaabG @phoenixhaxor
  3. kuli

    Need help with " signature "

    I Need help with " signature " .Thanks a lot !
  4. srkpvn

    SELL Bitcointalk Accounts

    Selling a Bitcointalk accounts you can use a signature campaigns link Full Member : 0.04 btc Sr.Member : 0.8 btc Hero member : 0.16 btc payment accepts only BTC
  5. P0gunicorn

    SELL Signature space

    5$ BTC / month pm me if you interested --- Post updated --- Still sellin guys :)
  6. DogeHTDV

    Signature problem

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I keep seeing people with signatures so I decided to try it out. The problem is that I can't add an image to my signature, it says it saves but then when I go and refresh the page, it doesn't show up. EDIT: I can add words, but not images.
  7. Vasary

    Image and url in signature - help

    Hello folks, I've a problem I'd like to solve. Every time I try to put image and url into my signature, it deletes. I do it through [u[i mg]cool picture [ /i mg][ /u rl] Can you help me guys? Thanks for the answers.
  8. SulzYee

    [PS Sign TUT] How to make an signature (IMG)

    Here is my an kind of tutorial, i made this tut for an other site but can not find PSD to chage the name, if it is needed delte post :/ I'm not that good at PS but this is my first tut... :) Hope you like it :D
  9. Aliasger00

    Help with signature HTLM

    Hey, why when i add the htlm code the banner dosent show up? when i comment or somthing
  10. Ninjoshy

    Rate the Person Above You! 3

    For the member who posts above you: Rate his/her username out of 10 Rate his/her Avatar out of 10 Rate his/her Signature out of 10 Example format: Username - ?/10 Avatar - ?/10 Sig - ?/10 Remember that a user's signature only appears on the first post of the page, so scroll up if you don't...