1. Turkuaz

    Which is the best file upload website?

    I am looking for a site that will host the file I uploaded for years. Do you know any site? (Most sites delete the file after a few months)
  2. Ussagui

    Site with Adult Content

    Hey guys i want to create a p0rn site ... i mean, it's worth? where should i host it? (because of law) how can i monetize it? someone already tried? Gve feedback please! any tips/ideas are welcome! Cheers
  3. TonyMan

    REVIEW MY SITE | Urban Entertainment Blog

    Here is my I had this site up for a while but i wonder is there anything i need to change?
  4. maulik007

    Review My site

    i just finished working on this site so just need some review's about look and load speed(after first load) Site :
  5. TonyMan

    REVIEW MY SITE Review my adult site

    I'm doing a niche porn site mostly catered to people who like ethnic porn with bbws and big asses and stuff but mostly aiming for amateur stuff.
  6. Ussagui

    How to create a site/blog with domain .com

    Hi guys i wold like to create a .com site/blog but i don't know how to do it, any good tutorial? what is your experience? what are you recommendation? (site do by domain etc)
  7. Pickicool

    Risk of working with Adsense?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if it was risky to work with Adsense on a site with copyrighted content that does not belong to me. I do not use any particular methods to gain traffic on my website. There are only real visitors. In addition, my old Adsense account has been disabled for invalid...
  8. TroubleJS

    [ads]Site with 300Visitors/day ~600Views/day

    Need to add ads to my site? Now i use adsense but need other ... What ads service(s) you use?
  9. TroubleJS

    ??? Sites like eBay ???

    I need to know sites like ebay,i need to sell some items ,but they suspended me every time(Why?i have 2 accounts with 2 diferent names-family=i cant have access to ebay for future) ;( Thank you for attention ;)
  10. herrydeshuja

    [Review my site]Movie Download Site

    Please review my movie download site...... Pm me if any body want to exchange back links
  11. TroubleJS

    How much you earn on your website?

    How much you earn on your website? 1.People/views/per day 2.$$$/per day P.S.Want to make my own website ;) Thank you for your answer ;)
  12. TroubleJS

    Hello my friends ;)

    Hello TBN I want to find good methods to make money on this site/forum,to find new friends ;) +to SHARE my methodsssssss$$$ ;)
  13. K

    [List] My experience with traffic exchangers.

    Hello TBN, i am making this thread to update people which traffic exchangers are working on youtube, i will try to keep this thread updated, and also, if you have any traffic exchanger to add to this list, please comment below. PS: the sites that are listed as "not working" aren't working for...
  14. Achref

    Best site hosting ?

    Hey TheBot.Net user , Today i will present for you the best hosting site in the market Hosting first of all they have a very good free plan here you can test it : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  15. W

    Site got hacked - help which plugin?

    Hello, my site got hacked and it is sending a lot of spam. My hosts says that some plugins might be hacked and suggests I clean files that don't belong in the plugin folders. I have no clue how to know which file is placed by the hacker and which one belongs in the plugin folder. Can somebody...
  16. Ernis45

    Best ad-network for impression revenue?

    What are best networks that pay for impressions and what are the rates? Traffic is not botted. Adsense has poor rate for only impressions.
  17. P0gunicorn

    SELL PPD Site

    SOLD, please close that @Harwinder
  18. Achref

    RedeX best investment plan

    i suggest to make a team of 62 person and start earning REDEX
  19. ditimafgg

    USER GIVEAWAY backlink for site or youtube

    this was accidentally found and backlink is concerned, I think it will take quite some time , if it is useful, like this post
  20. promo25

    Which website is this screenshot from? Will register as your ref

    Thread removed