1. thewordis

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  2. wdillon425

    SlicethePie Method to earn quicker!

    for those of you that don't know slicethepie is a website where you listen to a piece of music for 90 seconds then review it and get paid between $0.04-0.20 depending on your slicethepie rank. i'd really appreciate it if you could sign up using my link as it will help me out a lot and it also...
  3. wdillon425

    My 3 best money making sites

    So I've been finding ways of making money on the internet for a number of years now, and I've found 3 ways that get me some real decent money. 1) Slicethepie SlicethePie is a music reviewing website where you give a short review of a song and what you thought of it and get paid $0.04-0.20 for...