1. alexhardyuk

    Super smartphone offer 59 - 199$

    Super smartphone offer. Has a Configuration as a laptop and battery 3 times better than the samsung S9 and 3.5 times the iPhone X. Waterproof, dust, shock and more. Price below 5-7 times compared to the two brands. Buy the phone now >>> Download the application for even...
  2. Abhishek006

    TECH TALK World's cheapest 4G VoLTE phn launched in INDIA, Effective price of Rs.0

    World's cheapest 4G VoLTE phn launched in INDIA, Effective price of Rs.0 INDIAN 4G VoLTE operator 'JIO' today launched World's cheapest 4G VoLTE feature phone. You pay Rs.1,500 ($23) for the phone, which is fully refundable after 3 years, Effective price of Rs.0 Reliance Jio launched in India...
  3. skylikemake

    TECH TALK LG G6 VS Galaxy S8

    LG G6 VS Galaxy S8 Your Opinion?
  4. skylikemake

    TECH TALK Smartphone with Best battery!

    Hey! Which Smartphone has best battery? share your experience
  5. Ernis45

    Best Smartphone on the market?

    What is the best phone on the market right now or will appear in near future? I want to buy one with the money I earned online. Price doesn't matter, must be high end. No Apple, it's like using toaster for skydiving.
  6. saisannihith

    Pepsi P1S Smartphone from Pepsi Company

    Pepsi company started manufacturing P1S phones by partnering with Koobee smartphone company.This is a great phone for 105$. This phone supports 5.5 inch FHD screen(1920*1080) , 1.7GHz Octa-core processor, Fingerprint sensor and LTE. Full review here : Pepsi P1S Review Buy Link: Buy It Here...
  7. Abhishek006

    Cheapest Rs501 ($7.5) 4G LTE, 2GB RAM and Fingerprint Scanner Android smartphone:-

    ChampOne C1 4G is the cheapest Android smartphone and it costs just Rs501 ($7.5). (Available only for INDIA) In INDIA, We’ve seen various attempts in the past by smartphone OEMs for creating headlines through announcing incredibly cheap products. Although, whether it’s “Namotel” or “Freedom...
  8. saisannihith

    Best Phone Under 80$-Bluboo Maya Android 5.5 Inches

    Hey TBH. I found a phone and wrote a review after buying it.You can buy that phone from here(free international shipping)...
  9. JillianV

    €2 Android smartphone + €15 cashback

    Countries where this offer is available (known so far): - Italy - Spain (post #18 of this thread, thanks to @promo25) (Subscription after trial is €24/trimester; if you want to unsubscribe you need to do so before the trial period ends. I unsubscribed easily and without problems btw). So last...
  10. skylikemake

    TECH TALK LG V10 is The Best SmartPhone?

    Hey TBN members, What do you think about LG V10? I'd like to get your opinion
  11. Abhishek006

    Another Cheapest ($10 dollar) Android smartphone:-

    Freedom 651 is the 2nd cheapest Android smartphone and it costs just Rs. 651 ($10). :grin::grin::grin::grin: 2nd cheapest smartphone launch the Freedom 651, The Freedom 251 costs just Rs. 651. Visit:- Freedom to Flaunt In India, flaunting is a crime. But still, if...
  12. Abhishek006

    Cheapest ($4 dollar) Android smartphone:-

    Freedom 251 is the cheapest Android smartphone and it costs just Rs. 251 ($4) Recently, INDIA has surpassed the United States to becomes the second largest smartphone market in the world, Now Indian company launch cheapest smartphone, the Freedom 251 by Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd., has been...
  13. C

    [Guide] Ultimate Guide to make Money with your Smartphone/Tablet Android/iOS

    Today I'll post my first Guide on TBN, if i violate any Rule please let me know and I'll correct my post. In this simple but effective Guide, I'll show you, how you can maximize your earnings on your Smartphone, Tablet and Bluestacks. The first and one of the best app's is called BoomGift...
  14. Q

    Introduction and Finding Ways to Make Money Online

    Hello, my name is Quentin, and I decide to join in order to find ways to make money online. I am relatively on the internet to look for ways to make money. I have been doing this for a week. During my week, I have signed up to take surveys at MySurvey, signed up to an affiliate program called...
  15. L

    TECH TALK Send a Notification to my Android by opening a file on PC

    Hey guys, i recently set up a server for traffic exchange and some other things in my cellar. Is it possible to get a Notification (Warning, Vibration etc) on my Android (LG Nexus 5, no root) if the servers core temperature is over x degrees? I downloaded the program "coretemp" which can...