1. paidvertiser

    SELL US non-VoIP Voice & Text verification |

    I am pleased to announce the launch of a new premium voice and text verification service. Our service is backed by extensive alpha testing comprised of over 8,000 completed verifications. Click here to view the pricing for all our services. What we offer: USA-based phone numbers for text...
  2. sheryshafi

    sms through lunix ubuntu??

    Hello every one i want to ask you that is that possible to send sms through lunix os ubuntu on phone number if yes then can guide me how i can do that thanks waiting for your replies. @Bunny @Riizq @i7X @Andrea2107 @CharlieHarper @zads
  3. funaddaa

    SELL Massive SMS Phone Verification Service

    We all face problem with PVA a lot on many sites so here i am with cheapest sms service ever. I offer SMS phone verification for following services. Price Per SMS Verification: $0.50 Payment: Bitcoin Note: If you need verification for another sites whats not listed on my service please PM me...
  4. massi93

    SELL Non-Voip Phone Verification (real sim numbers from Argentina)

  5. massi93

    Non-Voip Phone Verification

    So I'm selling pv, $0.5 per sms. These numbers are from Argentina so you could verify worldwide services like social networks etc --- Post updated --- @Laserus @Harwinder Could you please delete this thread? Thank you very much
  6. M

    Hey guys... I'm new here.

    Hey everyone, Checking in for my first post. I figured the best way to show you guys I'm in for the long haul was to start by sharing some information I found... I've found a lot of sites want google or phone number verification... so I thought I'd share a few methods I've found to "help" get...
  7. kixer

    Anyone knows how to bulk send sms for free?

    Do anyone have any experience in sendaing sms to masiva amounts of people at once? Realy cheap preferebly. Also do anyone knows how to get country specific phone numbers?
  8. wista

    sms website

    hi guys , i need one website to send sms and put on sender what number i want. thanks
  9. Ussagui

    Sms Verification

    Does anyone knows a good Sms Verification? Or a good way to? Thanks
  10. thekok41

    SELL Phone Verification Service

    Number: US and Canada (+1) Services tested on: AWS Facebook Gmail Swagbucks Services NOT working on: Azure How it works 1. PM me and state the website you want to verify 2. I will message you a number that you can enter into your website 3. I get the code, you send payment 4. I send you your...
  11. kwesi8

    Send online text message worldwide?

    Hello TBN, I want to send text msg online for free but can't find any reliable service from google. I need recommendation sites. Thanks.
  12. truongtn7187

    SELL phone sms 0.5$ verizon

    phone sms 0.5$ verizon, google voice i am more number phone verizon after I received the sms or call from site please send me money i accept wmz skype : truongtn.7187
  13. balmohan

    SELL Selling Indian Mobile Number for SMS verification

    Price : 0.30$ (Each Number) Quantity : Unlimited 1. You will make payment 2. I will give you Mobile number. 3.You have to use that number instantly. 4.When I get sms I will give you code from that sms. 5.Verification completed No Voice call Verification all numbers are disposable and one time...
  14. E

    BUY eBay SMS Verification

    numbers must be on US/CA only. $0.50 Paypal for each verification. savvy? :D
  15. FaTe

    BUY South Africa Phone Verification

    PM me, if you have... :grin:
  16. Multilink

    Who knows about sms billing ?

    Who knows about sms billing ? How earn?
  17. shaggyreetha

    Best app worldwide get paid every 4th or 2nd day instant paypal.check my payment proofs

    DrizzleSMS The average person sends and receives around 4,000 texts a month. Now you can get paid for it! DrizzleSMS is a user friendly messaging app for Android that pays you to text. We display small banner ads on your messages, and share the ad revenue with you in the form of Drops. You can...