1. RobertKarash

    Install The Latest Version of Python on Linux

    Portable Python Download and Install: How To Run: cd /home/*/Downloads chmod +x python.out ./python.out
  2. sunnymaker

    does google accept duplicate software articles

    i have a software downloading blog, and i use the articles of original site of the software and add the cracked version link does this type of behaviors will rank in google or marked as duplicate content?
  3. sunnymaker

    whats the best forum software??

    i want open a forum but i need your opinions :weallfeel: about best free forum software that have good community & addons & look after searching i find MyBB - demo (pass&Username: opensourcecms) phpBB - demo simple machine forum - demo whats the best of them?
  4. A

    Looking for Freelancer website Biding Partner 15 to 25 % commission of revenue that you bring to us

    Hello guys, I Am New here, looking for Freelance Biding Partner, conditions : should have good experience in freelance biding, should have good numbers of rating. lets connect and explore this opportunities --- Post updated --- PM me at Skype : pankaj_gupta515
  5. X

    Hello World

    Morning , from london Uk(I'm actually an american living in UK). I'm a software engineer specializing in web development(javascript, python, c++). looking for flexible ways to earn money so I can go back to Uni , for a masters. Hope to meet and work with some cool folks on this forum cheers
  6. jacknet

    This Thing Can Help Everyone Here..Maybe!?

    Hello everyone here, I know that everyone here using his computer or his phone everyday and for a long time 5 to 8 hours or maybe for 24 hours like me :happy:. Anyway, today i want to share this thing? It's a free little software that can protect your eyes (your life). This software can...
  7. S

    The Flash-Tv series-amazing software to watch directly

    THE FLASH All Season All Episode by shaz The Flash app for Windows v2.0.0 by shaz link - Alternate link - let me introduce this software to you. This software is made by me. its a Portable Application this software will helps u to watch movies online and u can...
  8. S

    Amazing sofwares for pc - shorcut way

    HI guys how are u ?? long tym .. I m n old member of thebotnet ..I guess since 2011 :) signing in after a long tym. so guys let me introduce my self .. I make small small application ..which I distribute amongs people .. which I like to share publicly .. coz sharing z caring .. Look at dis...
  9. L


  10. vistatech

    [Q]Selling software keys. Sites other than G2A?

    Anyone knows any site where I can sell Bitdefender Total Security 2017 keys? I have got a bunch of them. please suggest sites other than G2A.
  11. massi93

    Where can I sell software (suscription)?

    deleted, but lets not forget the 6 words please
  12. tarung98

    USER GIVEAWAY [Giveaway] Ace Thinker Screen Grabber Pro[mac] & PDF Writer[windows]

    Ace Thinker Screen Grabber Pro for mac- Giveaway Page- How to get- 1.enter your name. 2.enter your email. on get giveaway version. 4.enjoy! Ace Thinker PDF Writer for windows- Giveaway Page- How to get- 1.enter...
  13. tarung98


    Giveaway Details-Do Your Data Recovery Professional Price- 50$ official website- Supported OS:Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 and Windows Server 2012/2008/2003 Download Link-!AooUzSpI Decryption Key-...
  14. V

    great forum

    Olá a todos meu nome é Valdemir Araujo, e eu tive alguns problemas de alguns fóruns que dizem amantes partilha de software, mas quando você se cadastra temq eu pagar para ter acesso ao produto, eu estou entrando neste ue porq viu seriedade e bons progrmas para compartilhar. Acho que este é um...
  15. D

    Hi, For Introduction, I will share my secret :p [DONT LOOK]

    okay , just trying hitleap and some software enchancement , so this my minute :p dont download plz virustotal-com/en/file/ee770775cb5df3854ed56327c6dbec7401652acbd2d73a568f14999c16f2e1c2/analysis/1465883471/ dont change - with . password : tbn your time is 7 days :p
  16. A

    I thought you guys could find this website really useful to download movies/games/tv-shows/ etc..

    I am using this website now for 4 years, I have never encountered any scam/fake torrents. Link: https: // rarbg . to Maybe most of you already know it but anyway just trying to help :).
  17. S

    How to market my new software youtubecomment bot

    Some one please give me tips to market my new youtube comment bot software.If you have marketed any what steps should i follow to market it?
  18. Z

    Hi, I'm a software developer and I'm here to help

    Lousy introduction, I know! anyways... yes, I'm a software engineer and I develop bots for a living. You read that right "bots for a living". I would like to start introducing some of my old and new creations to this great community and maybe help some of you on your own creations, why not! I'm...
  19. tarung98

    How to get downloads

    i have a software and i want at least 100 downloads per day anyone know how to get downloads. if you know please tell me
  20. O

    SELL Programming (Botting, Software, Algorithms, Automation, etc..)

    Hey there, Name's Orel and I am a Java Programmer. I write my code efficiently and adjust easily with new environments and libraries. I can program your next project, I do: Bots, website tasks, anything that requires automation Software, utility tasks, etc Algorithms Your homework ;) I...