1. Turkuaz

    How can i find this free music and sounds?(for youtube)

    Friends, Many of learn colors videos are available on youtube.I've reviewed a few.They use the same music and sounds.I did not see any reference about sound and music.Where can i download that musics ands sounds? Example: Please help me
  2. T

    I need sound guru to clean audio

    Hi I will need to remove background noises from the audio I have. I need someone PRO because I am a bit familiar with sound etc. but simple Audacity tools (or my poor knowledge) is not enough. Only serious offers. Thanks
  3. isz anon

    BUY SE of Turtle Beach 500x

    Looking to buy this: If someone can SE Amazon, TB, or another party for a low price let me know. I could possibly pay partially in advance, rest on delivery. Looking to deal with trusted members. U.S...