1. freakyomen

    Youtube Comment Spammer/Commenter

    Hello fellow TBN users. Does anyone know any Bot for youtube commenting and spamming? Cheers in advance for help. Yo
  2. B


    I'm looking for a high quality tutorial into Uk Full and BL spam, possibly someone who is within that field already. I am willing to pay a good and reasonable price. If you also have any information which can lead me to my needs please hit me up through my inbox. Inbox me please.
  3. S

    I was already a noob and got promoted. What happened? And why the spam?

    I was able to post in other topics before but now I can't. Also, am I the only one getting spam from my email for here?
  4. W

    Site got hacked - help which plugin?

    Hello, my site got hacked and it is sending a lot of spam. My hosts says that some plugins might be hacked and suggests I clean files that don't belong in the plugin folders. I have no clue how to know which file is placed by the hacker and which one belongs in the plugin folder. Can somebody...
  5. K

    Am I the ONLY one whos thinks this??

    I think it SOOOO ridiculous that my account has been restricted! I have had an account for over a YEAR and have never spammed anybody! Just because I have'nt made enough comments I get my account restricted and can only post in the introduction section like i just made a new account...
  6. M

    How To Be a Real Social Engineer?

    Hi everybody, this is my first article in this forum ( of course ), and I write these lines to teach you how to become a real social engineer. First at all, if you don't know what is social engineering I will till you: to leave this forum... Ok, now how to be a social engineer? You had 3...
  7. MohammedRidh

    Don't Miss this out! Pickagame! LEGIT

    Every user now has $1 added to their account to play cash games on! Log in or signup to and you'll see $1 has been added to your account. You can use this dollar to play your first cash prize game and win money! We're also now offering a $5 Amazon gift card reward...
  8. J

    vsp group are scam and scam me (true story)

    hi everybody i have partner my freebies channel with vps group network on Feb 3, 2016 and i have true viewe and subscribers and on Feb i have earn 35$ then i have stop uploud any video in 7 feb and in 1 march i have message him for a payement and it say we for new numbers after 2 month and on...
  9. Faded

    [ACHIEVEMENT] 2000 Posts

    I finally reached 2000 Posts. The spamming was totally worth it, thank you for enduring me.
  10. Aliasger00

    My 1011 POST!

    Posts: 1,010 Likes: 61 Feedback: 8 / 0 / 0 THANKS THB, SORRY FOR ALL SPAM. HOPE "@Cory CAN FORGIVE ME". LET ME START A NEW LIFE :D:fagit::feel: