sports betting

  1. Jicky

    NBA predictions expert

    Hello guys, I am here to offer a "service" if you want to call it that... I am sort of an expert on NBA predictions, well at least thats what my friends tell me... Usually in a day I'd predict 3 or 4 out of 5 games right That includes moneyline, spread, under / over a certain amount of points...
  2. Pricelezz

    Building an E-Mail List for Sports Betting

    Hello, I have a question. As the title says I am building a E-Mail List with the help of Addthis! For now 35 people joined my list! My question is, is there any free tool for sending bulk E-Mails? How can I make money with the E-Mail List or can I just make money with the traffic of people...
  3. SwordFish

    just turned my $5 to $225

    yolo bet 1 yolo bet 2 yolo bet 3 updated : yolo bet 4 :uhuh: well that $5 was given to me from this crazy thread (non sub may not be able to see this thread) shoutout to @tomaso88 for the giveaway.(basically its tomaso88's $5 i just turn to...