1. JillianV

    Completed surveys while chilling, made $36 in an hour

    Finally had some spare time today so I decided to see what my good ol' fave GPT had to offer Made a whopping $32 (+ $4 daily bonus) while chilling for an hour. Not bad! This GPT has been online since 2007. It's legit, reliable and paying PayPal, Amazon (US, UK, DE, ES, IT), Skrill...
  2. Warfare

    My Payments from ySense

    ySense is in my opinion one of the best GPT sites (Get Paid To). ySense (formerly known as ClixSense) was founded in 2007. The site is available worldwide and it offers multiple earning options. Surveys ySense has partnered with several survey providers such as Toluna, OpinionWorld...
  3. chupacabra13

    Easy money on autopilot

    Hello everyone. I just want to share one website, which is paying very good. For the last month or two I was running 24 hrs a day videos on to make points on my computers. Made over 100000 points on each. You can link a lot of accounts to and transfer points and after redeem for...
  4. samesame

    5€ from OpinionHero best paying surveys

    I reached the 5€ min payout in 2 days easy, create a profile, add some informations about yourself or altEgo and surveys flying in, worth 1-5$ each. noRef
  5. RobertKarash

    Watch Videos - Search The Internet - Play Games - Explore Websites - Make Money - PPC Pay Per Click - Inboxdollars

    Get Paid Free Cash and Gift Cards by Watching Videos, Exploring Websites, Reading E-Mails, Completing Surveys, Playing Games, Searching The Internet and More: Sign Up and Confirm Email: CREATE FREE ACCOUNT No-Ref Link
  6. Debian500

    RDP/VPS For Survey Users

    If you are a professional survey taker, then you need a residential remote desktop, commonly referred to as an rdp or vps server. Better yet, you need residential ip addresses to go along with it. This package gives you both the machine and the ip addresses to go along with it. Here's whats in...
  7. T - Get paid for doing offers and surveys

    Saw this on few ads over the internet, it looks like they invested good in advertising.It's pretty new so easy refs here :grin: Earn money from several different ways Earn from doing offers Earn from visiting sites Earn from viewing videos Earn from doing surveys Earn from your referrals $3...
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    GPTBee-Online Since 2014 - Paid Over $35000 + Dollars Already!

    -- Paying Online Since 2014 -- Without Missing single Payment to Any Legit member. Join Earn By Completing Surveys, Paid to CLICK, Watching Videos. 20+ Offerwalls | Daily Surveys. Referral System $0.25 SIGNUP Bonus Monthly Contests | Free Promo Codes | Special Bonus Contests |...
  9. brian0070071

    Need tips/tricks for gpt/survey sites

    Hi everyone, just have a quick question and wondering if anyone can help me. I use alot of gpt/survey sites to make some extra cash here and there but alot of times do not have alot of luck (may make a few dollars here and there) but I've seen many people on those sites make way more by surveys...
  10. pumitadika

    NEW GPT/PTC Site - Fast Payout $1 Paypal- LooneyCash

    This site instantly pays if the admin is online, if not within 24 hours Click: 0.01 up to 5 Cent Payment Method: Paypal Min payout: 1$ Offers Walls: Clicks: Cash Ads and Point Ads (Point can be converted to Cash) Upgrade Packs: Small Looney Free Referrals! You will have 10x the...
  11. G

    $112 Clixsense - Earn up to $30 daily

    Hi! I created clixsense account 2 month ago and in first week I earn $112 with complete surveys. Now in clixsense you have 20-30 surveys every day. Register here for support Non-ref Link My proof:
  12. samesame

    [Surveys]global online community!

    YouGov the world's biggest survey site, they pay you for sure! Survey Lengths The length of each online survey varies, but most are between 5-7 minutes long. Surveys are rarely longer than 20 minutes, as this is considered a maximum. Survey Topics As with any survey site, YouGov's survey...
  13. R

    earn 20$ for each referal + paypal

    Join studypool using this link, and connect to your pay-pal account. (No deductibles) totally free service. Refer someone and get 20$ to your pay-pal account! studypool com/?aid=reginald101 don't forget to add your billing info. they wont charge you a thing.
  14. 3roken

    MyOpinions 7+ YRS OLD - $15/$20 Daily - Paypal / VCC Cashout - PROOF

    Quick Overview Proof.. ( taken yesterday after making this post ) - 9/8/16 The Low Down: Main Note: This service is ideal for Australians, as it's an AU run an operated media company. It's a known an aged professional service, backed by Australian corporate entities. (it's legit and works)...
  15. aragbayeccs

    Which's better Private VPN?

    Hi, I'm newbie and 've lot questions, due for a long time I was doing online reseachs about Private VPN, but info sometimes will be very confused, and I've a big lot questions. I wanna make surveys and others methods to earn some money online, but due limitations based my IP Country, I'm not...
  16. G

    Hi Everyone

    Kinda just posting here so the admins no I'm not a spammer / bot. Just a guy looking for leads! I work for a company that puts surveys on websites in order to monetize traffic, so I guess talking about that got me flagged... c'est la vie! Anyway, "I showed you mine..." - What's your day job...
  17. G

    Monetize your existing traffic with SaySo Pubs

    Hey everyone, I'll try to keep it short and sweet! This money making opportunity is for website owners with existing incentivised / rewarded traffic. Doesn't matter if it's earning coins for in app/game purchases, completing offers to earn cash, GPT site, etc... - SaySo Pubs have an...
  18. sambill

    Bank it with this Survey Arab site!

    Who wants to make some Arab money? This site is a legit paying company from 2000! (Worldwide) You can earn from it easily by doing tasks, each tasks worth 50 to 500 points (usually i get 100 points). Every friend you refer and complete 5tasks you get 200points. Opportunities to win on...
  19. DailyBread

    DollarTracks Payment Proof

    DollarTracks is a GPT website where you complete surveys and offers to earn cash. There are 23 offer walls and the site is open to all countries. Payments are sent within hours! PayPal, Bitcoin, and Amazon gift cards are available. Here is my most recent payment proof Sign up here -...
  20. dotproxy

    Make 50$ By Taking Simple Surveys Worldwide

    YouGov's 400,000 members are offered surveys covering topics such as politics, public affairs, finance and shopping. Data from YouGov surveys is frequently used by the media, public affairs groups and political campaigns. • How much does it pay? YouGov pays in points which you can either...