1. mbd

    Viral and What’s Trending ?

    If you going to start viral website, so how you know what's trending, before you even start a website or buying domain... So, what's trending so you could pick a niche to start on... that's a good question, but dose the trending still trending or niche going to be changed. Like now days...
  2. i7X

    SELL [IG/FB/TW] Followers, Likes, Shares, Re-Posts [CHEAP & REAL]

    Delivery Time May Vary But Task Will Be Completed. The services are not always available in stock, please wait for reply. Services Given Below : Please Take a minute to read the spoiler below
  3. K


    Hello brow i'am Ken, I'am a Publisher ...SO if you adnetwork and you have tag, please monetize with my web :)
  4. That516Kid

    How to properly tag your videos

    Have you ever reached the 500 Character limit with Tags? Many (Including me) have never reached this limit of 500 characters, this could be because either us as YouTubers are too vague with our tagging, or our brains just go blank when we are typing. Thanks to developer ConorReid, YouTubers do...
  5. chorao157


    Hello , I'm developing a program using Delphi + FastReport . I have a little trouble in making a system that identifies the tags used within a richedit. What I want to do and exactly the following: TRichEdit.text :='TEXT1 TEXT2 TEXT3 <mytag> TEXT TEXT TEXT</mytag> TEXT4'; All text that is...
  6. Stickle

    How many hours a day to do you lurk?

    The question is simple; How many hours aday would you roughly say you lurk on TBN? I tend to be on here when I'm not sleeping, and other times I'm on here for the drama, or just lurking around the commuinity, sometimes I put my small imput in the shoutbox. But I'd have to say I must spend...
  7. verax5

    Some shit for y'all.

    Never fight back when being gang-raped by bunch of trolls - run fucking run! Don't fucking piss staff. If you piss them, they may piss OVER you. Use words like, fuck, man, m8, holy fuck, shit, dammit, wow, hehe, lol, lel, chillmao, limao, eh to sound friendly. If your IRL friends are on TBN...