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  1. V


    Hello fellow great tbn.hello great and wonderful admins,greetings to all the magic fingers here lol,bot creators and wonderful coders,CoderChris,etc,you guys are just amazing.am Vikky. tbn has been a great forum i do visit often for great and powerful infos,the forum has actually helped me a lot...
  2. Faded

    ⭐ Meet Faded/vans1997 ⭐

    All righty, So I have been going around the world quite a bit in the last couple year and I'll post here from time to time about where I am going to be. I'd love to meet some of you guys and I am certainly looking forward to go out with you (pls no strip/sauna clubs). Also, drop your location...
  3. S

    I am facing a problem in TBN help Senior Members

    I am facing a problem in TBN that whenever i post something on TBN forum it only showing 23 post in my profile it is not increasing what do to do.
  4. M

    Hello TBN

    Just thought i would give say Hello to all tbn members. wonderful forum. not many i find wonderful. anyway, glade to be here hoping to learn & give back.
  5. Slorunner

    TBN Teamspeak

    Well as the thread title says i am thinking about making a TS3 server for tbn, anyone interested? :) Europe IP: Canada IP: EDIT: Changed ip with subdomain ;) Edit 2: Changed back to IP due to DNS problems and added another TS based in canada You...
  6. sedlitchi

    The 85% of the TBN members are retards.

    I'm a member of this forum since 2013 but i'm reading the posts since 2010. After reading the threads and the posts on TBN forum for the last 5 years almost every day my conclusion is that this forum is completely fucked up. I saw other forums like Hack Forums and there the retard population is...