1. rastof

    Hiring Coders

    TBN is looking for coders to join the staff. So, if you're interested post below with years of programming experience and preferred language. All coders will be compensated for their efforts and receive the coder user banner. You'll receive 25% of net profits each month from subscriptions...
  2. Ernis45

    What happened? Why was site down?

    Was is because of funding issues, maintenance or updating something?
  3. sunnymaker

    where we can find you?

    as of you might know TBN might got shutdown, so where we can find our mambers in whole internet for mine you can find me on my blog or instagram or by my internet name "ibtisam midlet" some times i use digitalpoint and very rarely BHW so im intrested to see where we can find @Mirae where we can...
  4. isz anon

    Okay, whose bright idea was it to delay PM's by ~3 minutes?

    Okay, whose bright idea was it to delay PM's by ~3 minutes? If you send a PM, you must wait around 3 minutes to send another. Sounds great for new users with limited history, but how about disabling this awkward limit for senior members?
  5. motzu

    Hello World!

    Yeah, I know, a lame title, but I do consider my self a programmer, so I think it is a funny joke :) Hi there TBN! I'm Motzu and I really enjoy this community. I find this forum while searching for some stuff on the internet and I was instantly hooked! Joined the forum and now I'm here to stay...
  6. CoderChris

    [TUTORIAL] How to use TBN's API

    To use TBN's API, you'll need a few things: Setup Create a client here. Give your client a name and description. You'll need a redirect URI to get back some info from the server to complete the process. If you're building a server side application and you want access to a TBN user's account...
  7. B

    BOT TBN Worker - Click for Click (Public Development)

    Hello TBN. So I created an open-source project in VB.NET today, based on @chorao157 thread here. So the project is VERY FAR from being done, but any contributions is more than welcome. It is only in the planning state, but I thought I'd share it anyway. If you want to look closer, visit its...
  8. Kangaroo69

    Cracker Boi here

    Hi, I signed up here last year but I never really got into TBN until now, I'm more interested in cracking communities and it's a great side income while studying in Uni. Now I'm looking for more ways of making money so here I am :) Hopefully I will have some nice contributions to share here in...
  9. sunnymaker

    problem with blue Ribbon [leatest TBN updates]

    blue Ribbon apear when go up in the forum @lamlam
  10. J

    I'm New To TBN

    -Introduction- Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and it looks amazing! I do quite a bit of coding and GFX and this site is perfect :blobdog: ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶e̶m̶o̶t̶e̶s̶ ̶l̶o̶o̶k̶ ̶c̶o̶o̶l̶
  11. Mirae

    [Bitcointalk Lite] FREE 2nd LINO AIRDROP

    Get in the 2nd airdrop of LINO chain tokens If you missed the first round then now is a good chance to get some FREE LINO TOKENS To get that free airdrop you need to : VISIT THIS LINK Copy/paste your eth address FOLLOW them on twitter Tweet the given text And thats all ! (wait about 5 mins to...
  12. CoderKnight

    BUY VPS Trial Accounts

    Hi, I need a LARGE amount of vps'es per day,so if anyone got trial accounts of AWS or Azure (Azure preferred) with their credits can sell them to me. Prices: AWS: (only high limits accounts pls) Azure:5-6$ per account. To contact please PP me here and send me your Skype to make a deal...
  13. hiperium

    Proof TBN IS NOT DEAD !

    Hello ! Firts of all , I could like to thanks @lllJACKALlll for beeing a such nice guy and send me the BTC that I was Scammed by @runrun7100. Proof of the conversation with @runrun7100 : After that nothing , he was Online but no replies , no BTC , nothing..... Then he came up with his...
  14. Luz

    Best lie of introduction forum

    I think the most classic lie of this forum is this one : I am an Internet Marketer, I would like to be a member of this forum to share my methods and help the community to make money. That is the type of user that after being a member has two options: Scam Selling methods copied from other...
  15. Z

    Hi everyone

    Hello, I'm not new member on TBN but I'm not so actif. I'm here to exchange experience.
  16. PhoenixLord

    Can someone answer these questions please

    I dont want to create different threads so am going to ask 3 questions. 1. Why is TBN currently not taking in new members, I mean there is no registration for new members, 2. Does anyone know a good site where i can complete surveys to earn Amazon, I Tunes or PS Gift cards? and 3; 3. Is it worth...
  17. galbatron

    hello guys :) lets introduce our selves and talk a litle :p

    Hello, I'm galbatron, Lets introduce our selves and talk a litle I'm from Tunisia and I like TBN very much what about you guys ?
  18. kkroyal

    USER GIVEAWAY ♛♣♣ 1 Month of TBN Subscription! ♣♣♛

    I'm so happy that TBN is back that I will give away a 1 Month TBN Subscription. To take part on this giveaway you need to fullfill the following criterias: Membertag achieved Longer then one month registered To participate post anything in this thread, you can post multiple times, but no...
  19. Durja

    Hi New member here!

    I am new to TBN.I am here to learn new things and to explore the web:) n share knowledge
  20. Syl

    Got my Member Tag

    Hi guys, :> I just wanted to share some things I learnt when I was getting my member tag. I'll try to keep it short. (many are obvious) 1. TBN kinda dead atm :/ 2. It may take few days before you get the member tag with the minimum requirement. It took me several days after reaching minimum...