1. JoahTheron

    Working as a Team not as Enemies

    I know i am kinda new into this business with my starting date of the 14th of November, but in this months till now and the last days after i started my TE I gathered many new informations about the real stuff what is going on in TBN and around the YTB buisness but i can't figure out why we as a...
  2. keko0o

    asking about youtube team viewer ?

    what if i able to collect team which able to work and watch videos everyday manual i just wonder howmany people i need to have good bucks form youtube ? and is you tube goin to pay for that or not the same watchers every day for new video eveyday whtever the content how much i gonna make from...
  3. Blaze

    YouTube Team with 1 channel?

    Hi everyone. My name is Kevin, and I want to create a funny YouTube gameplay/lets play team who can make videos with me or doing them alone on one single channel. So we upload videos often, and split the money depending on what we earn for the videos. Ofc the channel will be english, and we have...